Custom Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) does not recognize Broadcom BCM5708C, BCM5709C, or BCM5716C NetXtreme II cards in the recovery console


When creating a custom SRD for Broadcom BCM5708C, BCM5709C, and BCM5716C NetXtreme II NIC cards or loading the drivers obtained from the Broadcom website, the recovery console does not recognize the NIC card.


Due to limitations in Microsoft's operating systems not supporting the Virtual Bus Device architecture of the NetXtreme II 1 Gigabit adapter under certain circumstances, separate drivers were created to address these limitations. The NetXtreme II monolithic "RIS" driver allows the adapter to behave similarly to standard network adapters and only provides network connectivity without the advanced offerings of the device.

The monolithic driver should be used for connectivity during Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). The latest version of the Symantec Recovery Disk is based off the Windows PE 2.1 as shown in the Related Documents.


More informaiton can be found in the following Readme from Broadcom:




**An upcoming release or Symantec System Recovery will include a 64-bit Recovery Disk based on version of WinPE that will load these drivers correctly from the recovery environment. The version will follow SSR 2011.***


The standard drivers provided by Broadcom does not support using the driver files in WinPE which is the recovery console used by the Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD). These driver files do not contain the inf files required by the SRD to recognize the NIC card.

Download the latest drivers from the links below:


- Once the exe file is downloaded, execute the .exe file so that the files are extracted to the local drive.

- Copy the files b06nd.inf, b06nd51a.sys, evnd.inf, evnd51a.sys to a single directory.

- When creating a custom SRD, add these 32 bit drivers 

- The SRD also contains the drivers in the \DDB\BROADCOM.NETXTREMEII\RIS_DRIVERS directory

- The drivers will need to be loaded manually under the Home tab in the SRD in order to connect to the network

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