Running Catrebuildindex on a Backup Exec 2012 media server will execute changes to the Backup Exec BEDB database.

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Catrebuildindex command line utility in Backup Exec is used to index catalog files. This utility can be used in troubleshooting catalog and restore selection issue.

Running Catrebuildindex on a Backup Exec 2012 media server will execute changes to the Backup Exec BEDB database which will put portions of Backup Exec database into a pre-hotfix state.


Catrebuildindex utility will apply SQL script files to the Backup Exec database that will revert the database back to a pre-hotfix state.



This Issue is Fixed in HF189571 (DDI20120615)

After running catrebuildindex.exe -r  execute the Backup Exec dbupgradebuildtobuild.sql script against the Backup Exec database to apply the correct hotfix changes to the Backup Exec BEDB database. NOTE : Catrebuildindex.exe -r should be run with the Backup Exec Services shutdown.

NOTE! If you have run the catrebuildindex.exe -r  command after you have updated to Hotfix 189571 there is no longer a need to run the dbupgradebuildtobuild.sql script !

Method 1

A) Open a elevated command prompt to \Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec folder.

B) Issue the following command (Case Sensitive)


osql -E -S <servername>\<SQL Instance Name> -dbedb -i dbupgradebuildtobuild.sql


Example:  Backup Exec default installation using default BKUPEXEC SQL server instance.

osql -E -S localhost\BKUPEXEC -d bedb -i dbupgradebuildtobuild.sql


Method 2

A) Install SQL Express Management Studio on the Backup Exec media server.

B) Locate the 'dbupgradebuildtobuild.sql' script from the following location if backup exec is installed to the default location: C:\Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec\

C) Open the sql script in notepad and highlight the entire script(Ctrl-A) and then copy(Ctrl-C)

D) Open SQL Express Management Studio and highlight the BEDB under the databases folder.

E) Right-click the BEDB and select 'New query'

F) Paste(Ctrl-V) the script into the query window and click the execute button.


Applies To

Backup Exec 2012

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