Install of AIX update containing APAR IZ99728 will cause mksysb restore to fail if Native DMP is enabled on rootvg

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After installation of a Technology Level (TL) or service pack with APAR IZ99728 included and Native DMP enabled on multipathed rootvg, mksysb backup images made from that updated rootvg will fail to boot due to duplicate PVIDs. After mksysb restore attempt, system will not boot until all rootvg paths but one are disabled or removed. Rootvg using MPIO for multipathing are not affected by this change in AIX LVM behavior.

Error Message

0516-1775 /usr/sbin/varyonvg: Physical volumes hdisk0 and hdisk1 have identical PVIDs (00c90a42d1196b3a).                                                      

0516-862 mkvg: Unable to create volume group.                                  
BOS Install: Could not create the root volume group.                           
   ID#        OPTION                                                           
     1        Continue                                                         
     2        Perform System Maintenance and Then Continue                     

   Enter ID number:                                                            


IBM has changed the behavior of 'importvg' and 'varyonvg' as part of a released APAR. This change prevents volume group operations when there are multiple PVIDs present.


One known work-around is to disable all but one path to the rootvg to allow mksysb image of rootvg to boot.

The alternative is the work around provided by IBM for AIX6.1TL7-SP3

1.        Run bffcreate to create the lpp_source from the updated file set of the AIX 6.1 TL7 sp3 downloaded from IBM ( 6100-07-03-1027 )
2.        Create the lpp_source from the full fileset of the base AIX 6.1 TL7 image ( AIX 6100-00-1140 )
3.        Use the lpp_source from step 1 and update to the lpp_source from step 2
4.        Use the new update lpp_source from step 3 and create the SPOT image out from it .
5.        Perform the restore of the mksysb image along with the new SPOT image created in step 4 .


Applies To

IBM has recently released APAR IZ99728 in the following Technology Levels (TL) and service packs:

IV00665 - bos.rte.lvm (5300-11-08)
IV00665 - bos.rte.lvm (5300-12-05)
IV00667 - bos.rte.lvm  (6100-04-11)
IV00668 - bos.rte.lvm  (6100-05-07)
IV00669 - bos.rte.lvm (6100-06-06)
IZ99728 - bos.rte.lvm  (6100-07-00)
IV00670 - bos.rte.lvm (7100-00-04)
IZ99826 - bos.rte.lvm  (7100-01-00)


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