Hotfix for Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) for MS Exchange Archiving 9.0.2, Build 1061 - Message classes marked for not archiving still get archived


Which version of Symantec Enterprise Vault (tm) can this hotfix be applied?
This hotfix can only be applied to the following versions of Enterprise Vault for:

Enterprise Vault for MS Exchange Archiving 9.0 Service Pack 2, Build 1061 



Error Message

No Errors are logged in neither the Event Logs nor Dtrace



What issue(s) does this hotfix resolve?
Message Class(es) that not configured for archiving are getting archived.
For example IPM.Contact*, IPM.Task*, etc which may not have been enabled for archiving still get archived during an Archiving Run.

The problem can occur in the following situation

  1. If the Mailbox Archiving Policy is configured
    1. Not to 'Create Shortcut to archived item after archiving'
    2. Pending Shortcut Timeout is Configured to Reset items after X days
  2. A Pending Item that has reached the 'Pending Shortcut Timeout' period is encountered during an Archiving Run.
    During an Archiving run, when the items of a mailbox are being processed, if a Shortcut Pending item is encountered and has reached the  'Pending Shortcut Timeout' period, the following will occur:
    1. If the Pending Item is secured, it will be 'Post Processed' (this behavior is new in EV 9.0)
    2. If the Pending item is not secured, it will be 'Reset'

The issue occurs after a Pending Item is post processed, and deleted (because of the policy configured not to create shortcut), the information about the Message Class(es) to archive is lost and items whose Message Class does not meet the Archiving Policy are archived.


Which files does this hotfix replace? 

File NameFile Version  New File Version 


How to Install this hotfix:

  1. Stop all Enterprise Vault services.
  2. Once all services have stopped, backup the file 'ArchServer.dll' located in Enterprise Vault Installation Folder (which by default is "C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault", or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault" on a 64-bit machine).
  3. Copy the updated "'ArchServer.dll", packaged in this hotfix, to the Enterprise Vault installation folder, replacing the original.
  4. Start all Enterprise Vault services.


How to Uninstall this hotfix:

  1. Stop all Enterprise Vault services.
  2. Once all services have stopped, replace the file 'ArchServer.dll' with the backed up version ( in the Enterprise Vault Install Folder
  3. Start all Enterprise Vault services.



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