BUG REPORT: Calendar schedules will be run multiple times in the backup window in 7.5 if the Backup window spans midnight and the backup starts prior to midnight and finished on the next day

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After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5, calendar schedules will be run multiple times in the backup window in 7.5 when the backup window spans midnight and a backup starts prior to midnight and finishes on the next day.  The re-runs will only stop when the backup window closes, typically resulting in a status 196.  If Allow multiple datastreams is enabled, a single stream spanning midnight will trigger all streams to re-run.


This issue is caused by a product defect.  Any backup policy where all the following are true will encounter this issue:

  • Calendar based schedules with Retries allowed after run day enabled
  • A schedule start window that opens prior to midnight and closes after midnight
  • A backup job that starts prior to midnight and ends after midnight

Example of a policy impacted:

Policy Name:       POLICY_1
Mult. Data Stream: yes
Include:           ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES

Schedule:              Differential-Inc
  Type:                INCR (1)
  Calendar sched: Enabled
    Allowed to retry after run day
    Sunday, Week 1
    Monday, Week 1
    Tuesday, Week 1
    Wednesday, Week 1
    Thursday, Week 1
    Friday, Week 1
    Sunday, Week 2
    Monday, Week 2
    Tuesday, Week 2
    Wednesday, Week 2
    Thursday, Week 2
    Friday, Week 2
    Sunday, Week 3
    Monday, Week 3
    Tuesday, Week 3
    Wednesday, Week 3
    Thursday, Week 3
    Friday, Week 3
    Sunday, Week 4
    Monday, Week 4
    Tuesday, Week 4
    Wednesday, Week 4
    Thursday, Week 4
    Friday, Week 4
    Sunday, Week 5
    Monday, Week 5
    Tuesday, Week 5
    Wednesday, Week 5
    Thursday, Week 5
    Friday, Week 5
  Daily Windows:
   Day         Open       Close       W-Open     W-Close
   Sunday      022:00:00  030:00:00   022:00:00  030:00:00 
   Monday      022:00:00  030:00:00   046:00:00  054:00:00 
   Tuesday     022:00:00  030:00:00   070:00:00  078:00:00 
   Wednesday   022:00:00  030:00:00   094:00:00  102:00:00 
   Thursday    022:00:00  030:00:00   118:00:00  126:00:00 
   Friday      022:00:00  030:00:00   142:00:00  150:00:00 
   Saturday    022:00:00  030:00:00   166:00:00  174:00:00 006:00:00

This policy was impacted as follows:

This policy/schedule saw two streams start just after 10PM. The first stream completed after 30 minutes and at that time was not rerun.  At 12:30AM the second stream completed successfully.  At that time the Parent Backup job also completes successfully. 

A minute later nbpem checks when the backup is due, receives the dates and times of the last backup correctly, and then proceeds to run the entire backup (ie both streams) again.  This process will repeat until the backup window closes.


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 2746518) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 4 (

Information on NetBackup is available in the Related Article linked below.

This issue can be prevented by completing one of the following:

  • Disable Retries after run day in the schedule
  • Configure the schedule backup window so that it does not span midnight

If these workarounds are unfeasible, an EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) download is available which contains a fix for this issue.  Please refer to the Related Article linked below.


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