Using server groups in Backup Exec 2012.

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How to use server groups feature in Backup Exec 2012.


Server groups are a way to organize and view server information in the list of servers. Server groups can be created based on any criteria. 


  • Server group with specific type of servers like File Servers / Mail Servers / Database Servers / etc.
  • Server group with servers that reside in a specific department / location / domain / etc.

Server groups can be used to:

  • Display only a list of servers added to that group.
  • Monitor status of all the servers in the group at a glance.
  • Create individual (separate) backup jobs with same settings for multiple servers in a group.
    This can save a lot of time and effort required to create backups as compared to creating jobs for each server one-by-one.
  • Edit backup options for all the jobs created for multiple servers within a Group.
    Following attributes can be edited using Groups:
    • Add/Remove Stages
    • Other Job Settings like Schedule, Storage, Notification, Test Run etc.

Note: These changes will affect every individual job for all the servers in a Group.

Here is how server groups can be used to create individual (separate) backup jobs for a group of server.

  1. Enable the Groups feature in Backup Exec 2012 and Create a new group:

    1. Go to the Backup and Restore tab - select Groups - click on Enable (to enable the feature)
    2. By default Backup Exec will create a group called 'All Servers'

    3. Click on the Groups button - Select Add to open the New Server Group screen (Figure 1).

      Figure 1:

    4. Group name indicates the name of the server group. (This will be displayed on the Groups pane)
    5. Select the servers to add in the new group.
      Note: Filter options can be used to select the servers required to be added in this group.
    6. Once the required servers are selected, click OK. A new group will be displayed in the Groups facet.

  2. To create individual (separate) backup jobs for all the servers in the new group:

    1. Right click on the Group name - Go to Backup - Select the desired backup option. (Figure 2)

      Figure 2:
    2. In the Name field type a unique name for the backup definition. (Figure 3)

       Backup Exec will append the server name to the text entered in the Name field. Backup Exec uses the server name and the text entered in this field to create unique names for each backup job.
      For more information on how to edit the credentials / change the backup selections / add a stage to the backup definition / modify the job settings see Backing up server groups.

      Figure 3:
    3. After configuring the backup definition, click OK.
    4. Click on "Group all Servers" on the top-right to see a list of individual jobs.
      Notice the naming convention for the new backup jobs <Server Name - Group Name> (Figure 4)

      Figure 4:

      Note: All jobs will be created with the same settings. These can now be modified to change the target device, schedule, settings, etc as required by the backup administrator.


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