Failed EV collection - insufficient permissions

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The Collection task displays 'Failure' under the Status column. 

The job log indicates:  the process moved from 'Wrote collection job XML' immediately  to 'Finished searching index server'.  The entire search process is skipped. 

A proper Collection job log should run accordingly:
- Wrote collection job XML
- Search progress update
- Search completed successfully
- Finished searching index server


Error Message

From EVCrawler_Output.Log

CONTENTMANAGEMENTAPI_E_NO_ACCESS:Caller has insufficient permissions to access the vault store, archive, or item, or archive is in a read-only state. ,populateArchivesInfo Failed on get_ItemCount , Archive Name: Doe, john :ArchiveID:

Adapter Error: Adapter error code: -2147220733   (MAPI_E_TYPE_NO_SUPPORT  80040303 -2147220733)



Missing Source Account or wrong Source Account / password is being used by the Enterprise Vault Source.



Verify the Source Account username and password in two locations, the EsaEvCrawlerService and the Enterprise Vault Source Account.

- Steps to verify/modify the EsaEvCrawlerService account:

1. Logon to the Clearwell Appliance using local administrator privileges.

2. Open Services.msc (Start | Run | Services.msc).

3. Double click on EsaEvCrawlerService to open the properties page.

4. Select the Logon tab and select the This account radio button.

5. Enter the Enterprise Vault Service account and password, then select OK.


- Steps to verify/modify the  Enterprise Vault (EV) Source Account.

1. Logon to the Clearwell application with Administrator privileges.

2. Select All Collections > Source Accounts

3. If the EV Source Account is listed, select on the EV name link or select the right side Edit icon to open the edit page.  
    Verify/Modify the User account and then select Change Password.  Finish by selecting OK and then Save.

4. If the EV Source Account is not listed, select Add in the lower right.

    a. Provide an understandable account name.  (Example: EV Source Account)
    b. Enter the description: Account used for EV Collections.
    c. Enter the EV account credentials (Domain\UserName).
    d. Enter twice the EV account password.
    e. Select Save.

5. Select Sources from the secondary menu.

6. Select the EV Collections link or select the right side Edit icon to open the edit page. 

7. Enter the EV Service Account in the Account text box.  Then select Save.


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