HOWTO: Using Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) to generate an Installation and Upgrade report to perform prechecks on a system prior to an upgrade or installation

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SORT can be used to generate an Installation and Upgrade report.  This report will contain the results of a number of pre-checks that are run on the system.  This report can be generated prior to an installation or upgrade of a Storage Foundattion product.  It can also be run after the fact to ensure that installation or upgrade issues do not exist.


These reports will be archived at the SORT website (as of this writing indefinitely) and can be reviewed by various team members (team based SymAccount is currently required).  An email option exists to push the report to managment and others who do not have direct access to SORT.


SORT is a free service provided to Symantec customers.




Error Message



Best Practice in preparing for system installations and upgrades (see feature matrix above for supported products)




1)  Browse to


2)  Find Custom Reports widget and read general instructions on Instructions tab on how to use the Data Collector (DC)


NOTE: steps 3 and 4 may be replaced with the use of the 'wget' utility; see DETAILED SUMMARY below.


3)  Click the Data Collector tab, choose the Unix Operating System (OS) where the DC will run and download (this is a shell archive containing the DC script and it's supporting hierarchy; think self-extracting .tar.gz archive file)


4)  Transfer the archive to any directory on the appropriate Unix server where the DC software will be extracted (file must transfer in binary mode).


5)  Give the archive execute permissions and run it (this will create a sort subdirectory in the current directory where the DC and it's supporting hierarchy are stored; answer 'no' to the prompt and run the commands displayed)


6)  After the report is generated, ... If the server has a connection to the Internet, the script will prompt to upload the report (Best Practice is to upload to a SymAccount profile)).  If a connection does not exist, transfer the XML file to the workstation and use the Upload Report tab in the Custom Reports widget to upload the report file (Best Practice is to login to a SymAccount profile; near upper right corner of web page)


7)  Hover the mouse over "Reports" in the gray navigation bar and click on ":View Reports" in the black bar directly underneath and to the left


8)  Click on the name of the appropriate report to view (name will contain "IAS"; Installation ASsesment)


9)  Scroll to Summary section of report; click on the name of the check to jump that section of the report where details and/or reference links will be available (scroll back to Summary section to review more items.





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