EV Server migration wizard fails when the prompt for the password for Vault Service Account (VSA) is provided and the account name is blank.

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After inputting the SQL Server name for the EV databases in the EV Migration wizard and you click next, the prompt for VSA comes up but the account name is blank and when you put the password in for the VSA it fails because no username is identified

Error Message

A dtrace of the RUNDLL process shows the following:

VaultCoCreateInstanceEx: An error occurred - RequestedServerName = [Vault.Company.Com], UsedServerName = [], hrCCI = [0x80040154], hrResultsQI = [0x80004005], NumTried = [6], bLocalMachine = [False]

CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() failed.|Hr: 0x80040154|Retries: 6|TryLocal: false|Directory Name: Vault.Company.Com|

Event ID: 8229 DirectoryService: CreateDirectoryService number of tries: : 6 |
{CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::GetInterface} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x80040154], ref(1): [Vault.Company.Com], [.\DirectoryServiceWrapper.cpp, lines {619,646,671}, built Nov 11 21:02:52 2011].

{CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::Invoke} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x80040154], [.\DirectoryServiceWrapper.cpp, lines {366,372}, built Nov 11 21:02:52 2011].

{CReadDirectoryServiceWrapper::Invoke} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x80040154], [.\DirectoryServiceWrapper.cpp, lines {882,898}, built Nov 11 21:02:52 2011].


UsedServerName should be resolving to the Alias and not the IP address of the Server.

The cause is due to the fact that the Alias name for the EV Server can not be resolved most likely because of one of the following reasons:

  1. DNS issue
  2. The Alias has a Host record and not a Cname as expected in DNS


  1. Resolve the DNS issue in order to resolve the Alias name.
  2. Remove the Host record for the Alias in DNS and replace it with a Cname pointing to the Host record of the EV Server

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