NetBackup restore is failing with status code 95 Operation not supported.

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When trying to restore files that were backed up on VxFS file system type to different file system type, the restore will fail with error ACL not set. Errno = 95: Operation not supported.

Error Message

Example of errors as shown in the Detailed Status:

Restore started 05/07/2012 18:26:59

18:28:34 (3151648.001) Restoring from copy 1 of image created Mon 07 May 2012 05:00:59 AM EDT
18:28:35 (3151648.001) TAR STARTED 31071
18:28:44 (3151648.001) INF - Beginning restore from server mlbbkupmed2 to client mlbudbsd1.
18:28:45 (3151648.001) /hes/dev/oracle/bck-01/BCDAGDEV/oracatalog/
18:28:45 (3151648.001) Changed /hes/dev/oracle/bck-01/BCDAGDEV/oracatalog/ to /export/restore/
18:28:45 (3151648.001) Directory /export/restore exists. Keeping it.
18:28:45 (3151648.001) /hes/dev/oracle/bck-01/BCDAGDEV/oracatalog/.btoconfig
18:28:45 (3151648.001) Changed /hes/dev/oracle/bck-01/BCDAGDEV/oracatalog/.btoconfig to /export/restore/.btoconfig
18:28:45 (3151648.001) acl failed for /export/restore/.btoconfig - ACL not set. Errno = 95: Operation not supported
18:28:45 (3151648.001) /hes/dev/oracle/bck-01/BCDAGDEV/oracatalog/.jobid


Each filesystem whether it is POSIX compliant or not consists of extended attributes that will not work on another filesystem.  This will report an error in the restore showing what attribute cannot be restored.

In this particular situation a backup was taken from a file system type of VxFS and then a restore was attempted to a different file system type on the same client. However, the destination file system that was used for the restore was a ext3 or tmpfs file system type. Restore will not work because VxFS file system has extended attributes which are not available on ext3 or tmpfs file sytem.

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