Memory Allocation Request error when backing up across Windows Domains using GRT and Client-side Deduplication

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When backing up via Remote Agent using Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) and Client-side Deduplication, and the remote agent is in a different Windows domain than the media server and the domains do not have a trust relationship, the backup will fail with the following error:


Error Message

 V-79-57344-33858 : Final error: 0xe0008442 - A memory allocation request failed. The computer may be running low on virtual memory.
Final error category: System Errors



An error that is encountered when the Backup Exec PureDisk Filesystem Service on the Remote Agent attempts to access the Dedupliction Storage Folder directly.



The solution is to establish a trust between the two Windows domains, and then add the Backup Exec service account to the local Administrators group on the Remote Agent Machine. The trust can be a one-way or two-way trust. If a one-way trust is created then the Remote Agent’s Domain must trust the Media Server's Domain, so that the service account can be added to the Local Administrators Group on the Remote Agent Machine.

If a trust between the domains cannot be established, then either disable GRT for the job, or change the job to use Media Server Deduplication instead of Client-side Deduplication.

To disable GRT for the job, do the following:


1.Right-click the job to edit.

2.On the shortcut menu, click Properties.

3.In the Properties pane, under Settings, clear the Use Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) checkbox on the applicable property pages for the resources to back up.  The resources can include Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware. For Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware, ensure that Virtual Machine Application Granular Recovery Technology Settings are all disabled.

4.Click Run Now or schedule the backup job for later.


To change the job to use Media Server Deduplication:

1. Select the job to edit and then click the arrow next to Backup.

2. In the Properties pane, under Destination, click Device and Media.

3. Select Use Media Server Deduplication.

4. Click Run Now or schedule the backup job for later.


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