Keyless License not getting disable using a command 'vxkeyless set NONE' for Storage Foundation Standard HA.


Even though the permanent license is installed, keyless license feature is not disabled.

Error Message

WARNING V-365-1-1 This host is not entitled to run Veritas Storage Foundation/Veritas Cluster Server. As set forth in the End User License Agreement (EULA) you must complete one of the two options set forth below. To comply with this condition of the EULA and stop logging of this message, you have 0 days to either: - make this host managed by a Management Server (see for details and free download), or - add a valid license key matching the functionality in use on this host using the command 'vxlicinst' and validate using the command 'vxkeyless set NONE'.


Problem in the license key.



Diagnostics Steps Tried:
1.      Checked the Keyless license
# vxlicrep –e
2.      Disabled the keyless mode
# vxkeyless set NONE
Remove: SF Cluster File System Enterprise Edition with Cluster Server
Continue (y/n)? y
3.      Stopped the CmdServer process on all the nodes within the cluster
# /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/CmdServer -stop
4.      Restarted the CmdServer on all the nodes
# /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/CmdServer
5.      To update licensing information in a running Volume manager on each cluster node ran,
# vxdctl license init
Note: The same behavior is observed when tried to disable the same license key on test kit.
All the above steps didn’t help to disable the license.
1.       Contact License department and get the new license key for VERITAS Storage Foundation Standard HA.
2.       Remove the old license key.
# rm -rf /etc/vx/licenses/lic/<key>
3.       Install a new license on each node
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxlicinst -k <License Key>
4.       To update licensing information in a running Volume manager on each      
       cluster node
# vxdctl license init
Note: If it is a cluster environment, please follow the below article to update a new license in a running cluster.
Article URL


Applies To

Operating System Version      = Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.7 (Tikanga)

Product Version                    = SFHA 5.1 SP1
 License Key                        = <License Key>
Product Name                      = VERITAS Storage Foundation Standard HA
License Type                       = PERMANENT
OEM ID                               = 2006
Site License                        = YES
Editions Product                  = YES

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