Unable to connect to "IBM Cognos Configuration" GUI after upgrade to CCER 5.2 RU3

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After upgrading to CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter 5.2 RU3, the IBM Cognos Configuration GUI cannot be opened. 


During the upgrade the environment variable JAVA_HOME changes from

..\Common Files\VERITAS Shared\VRTSjre\jre1.5\



Under the new environment the Cognos Configuration GUI cannot be accessed.

However this does not affect the functionality of CCER.  This can be proven by connecting from a remote workstation to:


which is the IBM Cognos Connection.


The following workaround may be use to temporarily point the Cognos configuration to JRE 1.5 which allows the Cognos Configuration GUI to be opened.

Open command prompt, type:  

  • For windows :SET JAVA_HOME= C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VERITAS Shared\VRTSjre\jre1.5
  • For Solaris: export JAVA_HOME= /opt/VRTSjre/jre1.5/

Launch cognos configuration GUI by typing command:

  • For Windows: <install dir>/VRTSccer/Cognos/bin/cogconfig.bat
  • For Solaris: <install dir>/VRTSccer/Cognos/bin/cogconfig.sh

Change desired settings and save the configuration.

IMPORTANT: Close the wizard (Do not restart service from wizard). On closing GUI may prompt to restart service but select ‘No’ there.

Restart ‘cognos8’ service from service panel.

By launching the wizard from the command prompt and not restarting the service using the wizard, the Cognos web application will keep pointing to the ..\VRTSccer\esmweb\jre version of JRE.

NOTE: It is expected that running the Cognos Configuration is a rare operation.  Examples for its use include generally static information such as modifying SMTP settings, locale or time zone.

Applies To

CCER 5.2 RU3

Cognos 8.4FP1 (Cognos version with CCER 5.2RU3)

JRE 1.6


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