User cannot log in to Cognos after CCER 5.2 RU3 upgrade

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When upgrading to CommnandCental Enterprise Reporter RU3 an issue may arise where a user who is part of an Active Directory group is no longer able to log in to Cognos when using their Active Directory credentials.  The user can still log into the CCER gui where the Cognos login failure is seen.  If the user is explicitly added to CCER then they can still log in.

Error Message

Unable to connect to Cognos


Active Directory group information is not copied over to the new web engine configuration during the upgrade.  If the user is only part of an AD group that was previously assigned privileges in CCER they will no longer be able to log in.


  1. Copy the GroupUsers.Properties file from "..\VERITAS\ VRTSsmweb\webgui\sm\config" TO "..\VERITAS\ VRTSccer\esmweb\webgui\sm\config”
  2. Restart Cognos8 service
  3. Restart Veritas Enterprise Report Web Service

Applies To

CCER 5.2 RU3

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