GAB Event ID 16

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GAB is logging Event ID 16

Error Message


ERROR       16(0xc0070010)       GAB  

GAB: Module 13, Line 190, Error c000023a  (indicates a failure to send message during a msg send operation.)



This message is logged when the LLT port that GAB is attempting to use is not regisitered or connected. 

0xc000023a translates to: STATUS_CONNECTION_INVALID

The most common scenario is that HAD is no longer connected to GAB and a HAD restart has been triggered.  GAB will then show other messages showing port h changed (HAD terminated) on this node or cluster wide.  HAD may be restarted due to LLT link expiry (on all links) or timer not called (due to server load).


Investigate the sequence of events leading up to this GAB event ID 16.

Check for LLT link status messages, and GAB membership messages on all of the nodes.  It may be possible to determine the reason for cluster membership changes and why GAB is trying to send updates to the rest of the cluster.


Applies To

SFW HA or VERITAS Cluster Server

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