After migration to Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option (SDLO) 7.0 existing Backup Exec 2010 DLO Agent throws an Unspecified error and client doesn't launch on it's own at the startup

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After migration of Backup Exec DLO to Symantec DLO 7.0 the Backup Exec DLO Agent doesn't launch at the startup for the existing users and also while trying to launch the DLO Agent it throws and unspecified error as shown below

Error Message


SDLO 7.0 uses a new instance of SQL database (DLO) and the Backup Exec DLO uses BKUPEXEC instance of SQL database. Also the SDLO uses DLO.mdf as the database name and Backup Exec DLO uses BE_DLO.mdf for the database name. The client machines would first try to connect to the BE_DLO.mdf and BKUPEXEC instance of database due to which above error would occur.


Symantec doesn't recommend to use the older version of DLO agent on the client machines. All the clients should be upgraded to the SDLO 7.0 Agent.  In order to upgrade all the Backup Exec DLO agent one should create a text file for all the client machines and than import that text file for pushing the SDLO 7.0 agent on all the remote client machines. To do that follow the following steps

  1. Go to Start | Run | CMD
  2. Navigate to X:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec DLO (X: stands for the drive where SDLO 7.0 binaries are installed)
  3. Run the command DLOCommandu.exe -ListMachines >Machines.txt  (This would create a text file Machines with the NETBIOS name of client machines)
  4. Launch SDLO 7.0 console and from Tools Menu go to "Install Agents and Maintenance Services on Remote Computers..."
  5. Click Next on the Welcome Screen
  6. Select DLO Agent radio button for installing the DLO agent, which should be selected by default.
  7. Click on Import Computers button
  8. Select Import List and select the text file created in step 3 and click open
  9. Click on Add List which should show all the computers on which DLO Agent would be push installed
  10. Provide the domain administrators credentials that would be used for pushing the SDLO 7.0 Agent
  11. It would go through the Validation check against all the client machines. If any of the client machine is offline it would fail on that, however, it should pass on the other clients which are on line. Click OK
  12. Click Install >> button. It would give a Confirmation Windows. Click Yes on that
  13. Now it should push the DLO 7.0 Agent on all the client machines which were validated in step 11.


It's always not possible to push SDLO 7.0 agent on all the client machines. Launching the Backup Exec DLO Agent manually couple of times should allow the existing users to connect to the SDLO 7.0 server and the backups should also run fine.

NOTE: New users will not be able to connect to the SLO 7.0 using the Backup Exec DLO agent. Any changes performed on the profile would not be updated on the Backup Exec DLO Agent unless they all are updated to SDLO 7.0

Applies To

Existing Backup Exec DLO (12.5 onwards) being migrated to SDLO 7.0

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