VCS had daemon consumes significantly more cpu when xprtld running

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Veritas Cluster Server  (VCS) High Availability Daemon (HAD) consumes significantly more cpu when xprtld process is running.


VOM discovery taps into VCS alert via a cli called “hareg”. Based on the changes that are detected VOM performs discovery, which in turn call a bunch of VCS cli’s to discover objects, their associations and report this back to the VOM Server. There is an internal attribute which was getting picked up as a legitimate change which was calling VCS cli’s as often as every 4 seconds which induced load on had daemon and resulted into increase of CPU load.

Symantec engineering has changed the VOM code to  ignore this internal attribute to ensure that discovery isn’t triggered that often and only is triggered if there is a legitimate change, that is there which needs to be reported to the VOM Server.


Engineering has developed private fix for this issue. Please contact Veritas support hotline to obtain this private fix. This issue will be fixed in next patch release for VOM 4.1

Applies To

System running Veritas Operations Manager 4.1 & VCS 5.1

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