How to set the System boot order for a NetBackup 5220 - reboot failed and boot device not selectable.

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NetBackup 5220 appliance was upgraded to with 36TB disk expansion unit then reimaged, but after rebooting of the Appliance the system was using the original boot device.

Error Message

boot device not selectable.


Product Documentation


Setting the BIOS boot order - required
Note: You should only need to use the BIOS boot order setup one time. For future sessions you can log in directly through a Web browser.
You can change the boot order through the remote management tool (IPMI port).
You can also change the boot order with direct connection to the appliance with a monitor and keyboard. These instructions describe the monitor and keyboard method.
1. Connect a monitor and keyboard to ports on the rear of the appliance.
2. Turn on the appliance.
3. Press <F2> to enter the BIOS Main menu.
4. Use the left/right arrow keys to move from the Main menu to the Boot Options tab and press Enter.
You can see that the Intel RAID controller (ICHx/ESB2), which is located inside the appliance chassis is not listed as Boot Option #1. You need to change this order to so that the appliance boots in the correct order.
5. Verify that the USB Boot Priority [Disabled] is selected. If [Enabled] is selected, change it to [Disabled].
6. Select the Hard Disk Order and press Enter.
The Hard Disk Order setting is where the Boot Option order is set. When you have completed this task the Boot Option list displays the new order. 
In this example, you can see three Boot Options. The options in this example represent:
#1 The RAID 6 group created by the hot-swappable disk drives in the front panel of the appliance
#2 The embedded RAID controller (ICHx/ESB2 Embedded..) on the mainboard of the appliance
#3. The RAID add-in card installed in the PCIe Riser Assembly and accessible on the rear panel of the appliance.
You need to change Boot Option #1 to [ICHx/ESB2 Embedded...]. 
7. Select Hard Disk Order and press Enter.
A pop-up box appears with the available boot option selections.  If the boot order only shows SATA/SAS virtual disks then follow the related article to enable the embedded RAID (000085702)
8. Select ICHx/ESB2 Embedded RAID and press Enter.
The new boot order displays. This order is now correct.
9. Press ESC to return to the Boot Options menu.
The correct boot order should have the [ICHx/ESB2 Embedded…] listed in the Boot Option #1 position.
10. Press F10 to save your changes and reboot.

Note:  Upgrading a NetBackup 5220 Appliance BIOS to version 01.00.00064 changes the OS RAID 1 Boot Device name from ICHx/ESB2 Embedded RAID to Embedded RAID Controller (AHCI).  This article assumes that a BIOS version prior to 01.00.00064 is applied. If BIOS 01.00.00064 is in use, please use Embedded RAID Controller (AHCI) in place of ICHx/ESB2 Embedded RAID in the instructions above.

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NetBackup 5220

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