After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5, Storage Life Cycle Policy (SLP) duplication jobs do not run.

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After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5, Storage Life Cycle Policy (SLP) duplication jobs do not run.

Error Message

The nbstserv (Originator ID 226) log files at DebugLevel 4 will show that images are being rejected because the alternate read server does not have access to the original image.

The nbstserv log will state the source copy is not accessible from the alternate read server:

03/12/12 09:39:32.946 [RS::createDupItem] source copy is not accessible to read server: Any-Media-Server storage unit = MSDP-STU
03/12/12 09:39:32.946 [RS::createDupItem] skipping CopyNum = 2

The image is then rejected:

03/12/12 09:39:32.946 [RS::SelectImagesForProcessing] reject image: Backup-Image_1331175652 - image not batched for duplication
03/12/12 09:39:32.946 [RS::RejectImage] removing image: <Backup-Image_1331175652> with batch ref. count: <0> from the image list of this session



This behavior is triggered by a change in the design of the product which eliminates unneccessary calls to DSM (Disk Service Manager) in Enhancement ET 2059680.  The change moved the optimized duplication check into the nbstserv logic.  


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 2719199) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 4 (

Information on NetBackup is available in the Related Article linked below.

For NetBackup, please access the Related Article linked below to obtain a hotfix containing a fix for this issue.


Edit affected Storage Lifecycle Policies to remove the alternate read server.  This will prevent problems with any backups going forward.

1.  From the netbackup\bin\admincmd directory, run nbstl -L -all_versions.

2.  Review the output in item two to locate the SLP that has been modified.  Take note of the version number of the current and previous SLP.  

Example output from nbstl -L -all_versions (edited to show only applicable fields):

Most recent version is Version 21, which shows the modification to the SLP to remove the Alternate Read Server: 

                                    Name: daily-backup-dup
                                    State: active
                                    Version: 21
 Operation  1              Use for: 0 (backup)
                                    Storage: Original-MSDP-Storage
 Operation  2              Use for: 1 (duplication)
                                    Storage: OptDup-MSDP-Storage
                                    Alternate Read Server: (none specified)
                                    Source: Operation 1 (backup:Original-MSDP-Storage)


And the previous version (Version 20) which has the Alternate Read Server specified:

                                      Name: daily-backup-dup
                                      State: active
                                      Version: 20
 Operation  1                Use for: 0 (backup)
                                      Storage: Original-MSDP-Storage
 Operation  2                Use for: 1 (duplication)
                                      Storage: OptDup-MSDP-Storage
                                      Alternate Read Server: Any-Media-Server
                                      Source: Operation 1 (Original-MSDP-Storage)

3.  SLP images are tracked by version number in the database.  In order to remove the Alternate Read Server from the older version(s) of SLP images, the following command should be run from the netbackup\bin\admincmd directory:

nbstl [slp-name] -modify_version  -M [master_name] -version ## -as __NA__,__NA__   

For the example used - the command would be:

# nbstl daily-backup-dup -modify_version  -M [master_name] -version 20 -as __NA__,__NA__   

Note: To utilize alternate read server for SLPs that are not using Optimized Duplications, administrators should add the server specified as the Alternate Read Server to the storage unit used for the original backup.   This will allow access to the storage unit and will avoid the issue.

Applies To

Any 7.5 environment which is configured with all of the following:

  • Backups that are managed by SLPs using Optimized Duplications.
  • SLP policies that have an alternate read host configured.

Note:  Optimized Duplication jobs do not require an alternate read server.  The bpduplicate process will batch the jobs adhering to the desired destination storage unit so that single read/write server is used.

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