Failed to load the configuration xml file alert occurs and an exception shows in a successful backup job

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Failed to load the configuration xml file. C:\Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec\Catalogs\MediaServerName\CatalogProcessTemporaryFolder\{D1FB4EB5-09DA-461F-9EA5-8FC66B374E5D}\p2v.xml occurs when backing up a Physical server and the option to Convert to Virtual is not enabled for the job.  The Backup Job is still successful, but an alert is generated for the failed conversion.  An exception will also show in the job log for the successful job. 


Error Message

Failed to load the configuration xml file.


Currently, Veritas Backup Exec 2012 does not support conversion to virtual operations on a number of different types of hard disk drives found in physical computers being backed up. If any of the disk drives found in a physical server are un-supported, a normal, Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) enabled backup job will display an alert / exception of "Failed to load the configuration xml file."

The following is a list of disk drives that will be excluded from server configuration collection:

Dynamic Disks
SAN attached
Removable USB
Uninitialized disks
Other disks which are not recognized by the Windows operating system and don't respond to Windows API calls. 


Note: Updating SCSI or Storage Array Controller drivers may resolve the issue.




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