NetBackup Appliance v2.0.1 installation and configuration fails after March 10, 2012, due to a permanent license not having been applied.

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NetBackup Appliance v2.0.1 installation and configuration fails after March 10, 2012, due to a permanent license not having been applied.

Error Message



  1. A new installation of v2.0.1 using USB and DVD appears to hang while configuring NetBackup.
  2. An attempt to run factory reset fails.
  3. A force factory reset appears to hang while configuring NetBackup.
  4. Unable to complete initial (network and role) configuration of a pre-installed NetBackup Appliance.
  5. A fully configured NetBackup Appliance stops working.
  6. Unable to upgrade to v2.0.2.
  7. You observe the following issues with a pre-installed NetBackup Appliance that does not have permanent keys installed.
    1. System self-test fails,
    2. Backup and restore jobs fail,
    3. Main > Appliance > Topology CLI hangs, and
    4. Web GUI does not load


The evaluation license keys included in NetBackup Appliance v2.0.1 expired on March 10, 2012. This results in installation and role configuration failures.
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This will not have any impact on systems with permanent license keys already installed. This will also not impact v2.0.2 and higher versions.




Option #1. Reimage the Appliance with v2.0.2 software. This version has an evaluation key that is valid until January 2013.

Refer to TECH188044 for detailed instructions on how to reimage a 5220 applaince to version 2.0.2.

Option #2. Use a valid license key with v2.0.1 installations.

Instructions to install NetBackup Appliance v2.0.1 using USB and DVD.

1.       Change the system date in BIOS back to 01/20/2012. This is required because the new key is valid 01/16/2012 onwards.

2.       Install NetBackup Appliance.

3.       Login to NetBackup Appliance as admin user (password: P@ssw0rd).

4.       Install new license key.

a.       Main > Manage > License > Add

b.      Enter yes when prompted to continue.

c.       Enter a valid evaluation or production NetBackup license key when prompted for NetBackup license key.

d.      Enter n when prompted for additional license key.

5.       Stop NetBackup processes. This is required even though the NetBackup gets started at step #4.

a.       Main > Support > Processes > NetBackup Stop

6.       Start NetBackup processes.

a.       Main > Support > Processes > NetBackup Start

7.       Change the system date back to the original.

a.       Main > Network > Date Set <MMM> <DD> <HH:MM:SS> <YYYY>. For example, Date Set Mar 15 10:30:00 2012.

8.       Run software self-test to make sure the Appliance is in good state. You can safely ignore any IPSec related failure.

a.       Main > Support > Test Software

9.       Reboot the system.


Instructions to install a permanent license key on a pre-installed NetBackup Appliance v2.0.1 that only has evaluation (expired) license key.

1.       Follow steps #3 to #6 of the above instructions.




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