Backups fail to start. Status code 159 (licensed use has been exceeded) is reported and NetBackup fails to start

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During the installation process for NetBackup Appliances, the system uses a default license key.  If the customer does not install a permanent key, backups fail to start at some point in time, due to expired default license on appliance.


Error Message

--Catalogue back ups are failing with error 159.
--serverx is the master server.

serverx:/home/maintenance # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose
  file version    = 0x05000000
  time added      = 0x4e533e7d Tue Aug 23 15:45:33 2011
  hostname        = serverx
  product ID      = 6 NetBackup Enterprise Server
  serial number   = 0
  key version     = 0x05000000
  count           = 0
  server platform = 0 Any platform
  client platform = 0 Any platform
  server tier     = 10 NetBackup Enterprise Server
  client tier     = 0 No tier
  license type    = 4 Not for resale
  OEM ID          = 2006 Unknown OEM: 2006
  Expiration      = Expired Sat Mar 10 01:00:00 2012
  Firm Expiration = Not expired Sat Mar 31 01:00:00 2012

The log entry may look similar to the following:


03/10/2012 00:10:18 - Info nbjm (pid=22389) starting backup job (jobid=1023) for clientx, policy NB_Catalog, schedule Differential-Inc
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - Info nbjm (pid=22389) requesting STANDARD_RESOURCE resources from RB for backup job (jobid=1023, request id:{544106A2-6A6F-11E1-A078-44AEF1531B68})
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - requesting resource stu_adv_xxx
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - requesting resource clientx.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBSclientx
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - requesting resource clientx11.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.NB_Catalog
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - granted resource  clientx1.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.clientx
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - granted resource clientx11.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.NB_Catalog
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - granted resource MediaID=@aaaaf;DiskVolume=/cat;DiskPool=dp_adv_servery;Path=/cat;StorageServer=servery;MediaServer=servery
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - granted resource  stu_adv_servery
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - estimated 0 kbytes needed
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - Info nbjm (pid=22389) started backup job for clientx, policy NB_Catalog, schedule Differential-Inc on storage unit stu_adv_servery
03/10/2012 00:10:18 - started process bpbrm (pid=3194)
03/10/2012 00:10:19 - Error bpbrm (pid=3194) Unable to determine the licensed features for this system; make sure that the license key is entered properly.
03/10/2012 00:10:19 - Info bpbkar (pid=0) done. status: 159: licensed use has been exceeded
03/10/2012 00:10:19 - end writing
licensed use has been exceeded  (159)



From CLISH add valid license key: At version 2.0.2:

login as: admin
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Password: ********
Last login: Tue Mar 13 09:14:16 2012 from nbu5200-console.

Appliance  Manage master and media appliances.
Exit       Logout and exit from the current shell.
Manage     Manage NetBackup Appliance.
Monitor    Monitor NetBackup Appliance Activities.
Network    Network Administration.
Reports    Examine the running and historical state of the host.
Settings   Change NetBackup Appliance Settings.
Shell      Shell operations.
Support    NetBackup Support.

nbu5220.Main_Menu> Manage
Entering Appliance Management view...

Exit          Logout and exit from the current shell.
FibreChannel  Manage Fibre Channel.
Libraries     Manage Robotic Tape Libraries.
License       License Administration.
MountPoints   Manage remote mount points.
OpenStorage   Manage OpenStorage plugins.
Return        Return to the previous menu.
Shell         Shell operations.
Software      Manage Software Updates.
Storage       Manage Storage.
Tapes         Manage Tape Media.

nbu5220.Manage> License
Entering License Administration view...

Add       Add license key.
Exit      Logout and exit from the current shell.
List      List installed licenses.
ListInfo  List detailed information of installed licenses.
Remove    Remove license key.
Return    Return to the previous menu.
Shell     Shell operations.


Use ListInfo command to check license or use Add to Add license.




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