Server DB Maintenance workflow fails on DSIDDEL step if there Deleted Data Selections and the node is not a Content Router.

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All Server DB Maintenance jobs are returning errors since upgrading to 6.6.3. The DataSelection Removal workflow has been incorporated into this workflow but does not check that it is being executed on a Content Router.

Error Message

End JobStep: Failed to parse logfile. Reported error was: Failed to open input file: /Storage/tmp/workflow.442304
The following error occurred while trying to launch job step 442304
Unknown processortype 'ContentRouter' provided.Agent Jobstep analysis: exitcode 1, status 3, progress 0.


The workflow does not check if the node is a Content Router before attempting to run a Content Router specific command (dsiddel). If there are no deleted dataselections then this step is skipped.


Symantec Engineering acknowledges the issue in this technote exists under ETrack 2718837.

To manually re-enable the DataSelection removal workflow (which is disabled during the upgrade to 6.6.3a) and execute prior to running the Server Database Maintenance workflow (or after any DataSelection is removed). This clears the deletedds table so the problem step is skipped.

To implement the workaround, follow the steps below, as it cannot be done from the GUI:

# export PGPASSWORD=`/opt/pdag/bin/php /opt/pdconfigure/upgrade/generic/actions/lib/GetEntry.php /etc/puredisk/spa.cfg spadb password`
# /opt/pddb/bin/psql -U pddb ca

ca=# select id,name from workflow where name like 'Data Selection Removal';
  id   |          name
15000 | Data Selection Removal
(1 row)

ca=# select id,workflowid,enabled from policy where workflowid=15000;
-[ RECORD 1 ]-----
id         | 11
workflowid | 15000
enabled    | 0

ca=# update policy set enabled=1 where id=11;

ca=# select id,workflowid,enabled from policy where workflowid=15000;
-[ RECORD 1 ]-----
id         | 11
workflowid | 15000
enabled    | 1

ca=# \q

# /opt/pdag/bin/php /opt/pdspa/workflowengine/createJobs.php -p 11
[2012-Mar-16 07:44:36 UTC] 29729 Starting /opt/pdspa/workflowengine/createJobs.php -p 11  ...[2012-Mar-16 07:44:36 UTC] 29729 Done!

# opt/pddb/bin/psql -U pddb ca -c ”update policy set enabled=0 where id=11”


Change the policy id and workflowid to match your customer system. Once that Data Removal job completes, run the Server DB Maintenance workflow.

This issue will be formally resolved in a future version of PureDisk. Please visit the following link periodically for download and readme information.

Applies To

2 node PureDisk 6.6.3 StoragePool with following components defined:

  • Node 1 = SPA,MBS,MBE
  • Node 2 = CR

Key is that one node does not have the CR functionality defined.

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