The cfscluster utility encounters error: VCS WARNING V-16-1-10134 System does not exist: /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sysname

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When running the cfscluster command to configure a Cluster Volume Manager (CVM) cluster, the error below is encountered.  The man page excerpt below will briefly describe the cfscluster utility.


The cfscluster command configures or unconfigures Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) cluster functionality (CVM) and the VxFS file systems on the nodes where CVM was configured. cfscluster can also start and stop CVM on a node and obtain status.

Error Message


# cfscluster status VCS WARNING V-16-1-10134 System does not exist: /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sysname
Error: V-35-410: Cluster Server not running on local node: /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sysname


In some LLT configurations, the "set-node" entry may be configured to use a file name pointer instead of a host name.


# cat /etc/llttab
set-node /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sysname
set-cluster 1701
link bge3 /dev/bge:3 - ether - -
link bge2 /dev/bge:2 - ether - -
exclude 2-63

While this configuration is supported for LLT as an alternative to using the hostname in the entry (see below), some utilities (cfscluster cited here) may interpret the filename as a hostname rather than use the hostname contained in the file.


# cat /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sysname


Some LLT configurations may use:


set-node maztoy



As a work-around, the set-node entry in the /etc/llttab file may be changed from the path/file name attribute to the name of the host.




set-node /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sysname



set-node maztoy

(note: use the hostname specified in the sysname file which is typically the name of the host)


Applies To

This issue was discovered in Storage Foundation CVM/CFS 6.0 but may be seen in other enviroments and versions where LLT is used.


This issue has been reported and may be addressed in a patch or future release.  Subscribe to this technical article for updates and use SORT notifications (grey navigation bar) to learn of updates as well as access to the Patch library (Downloads on the grey navigation bar).

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