HPUX SAN client devices show NO_HW status in ioscan -f output

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When attempting to configure FT  devices on an HPUX client, devices that should be present on the SAN  are displayed as 'NO_HW' in ioscan output. Attempts to use these devices are unsuccessful.

Error Message

ext_bus    63  3/0/10/1/0/4/      fcd_vbus    NO_HW       INTERFACE    FCP Device Interface
target    176  3/0/10/1/0/4/    tgt         NO_HW       DEVICE
tape        7  3/0/10/1/0/4/  stape       NO_HW       DEVICE       ARCHIVE Python
tape        8  3/0/10/1/0/4/  stape       NO_HW       DEVICE       ARCHIVE Python

In /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log:

Mar  1 11:13:58 FTclient1 vmunix: class : lunpath, instance 3104
Mar  1 11:13:58 FTclient1 vmunix: Evpd inquiry page 83h/80h failed or the current page 83h/80h data do not match 
the previous known page 83h/80h data on LUN id 0x0 probed beneath the target path (class = tgtpath, instance = 37) 
The lun path is (class = lunpath, instance 3104).Run 'scsimgr replace_wwid' command to validate the change


from scsimgr man page:

To prevent accidental data corruption, the SCSI stack implements an authentication mechanism based on the LUN WorldWide Identifer (WWID). When a LUN with a different WWID is discovered through a previously discovered LUN path, further access to the device through that LUN path is prevented. The LUN path is put in "Authentication Failure" state. Then, HP-UX logs a message in syslog which informs the user that the replace_wwid operation needs to be performed.
If the user has intentionally replaced the LUN, the scsimgr replace_wwid command must be run to authorize the re-use of that LUN path for a different LUN.
In some situations, a replacement of a target controller may cause LUN paths of corresponding target paths to be put in authentication failure state. To validate the replacement and re-authorize all the affected paths, scsimgr replace_wwid can be used with the target path identifer.


Validate that the devices are ARCHIVE  Python and if so, run the HPUX  command:

scsimgr -f replace_wwid -C lunpath -I  XXXX

replacing XXXX with the lunpath from the syslogd error message or the lunpath from the output of

ioscan -fN|grep lunpath|grep tape

for the NO_HW  devices.

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