Roll-up fails as the configuration does not allow partial data sets.


Roll-ups from VOM to VOM-A Enterprise Server fail due to the configuration not allowing partially loaded data sets.

Error Message

 For fact data set DB_FACTS, the number of source rows in DATABASE_CAPACITY_ (430) differs from the number of rows inserted in DATABASE_CAPACITY (399).

* The roll-up batch has partially loaded data sets. The current configuration does not allow batches with partial data to be retained.



Partial load is a condition that is detected in VOM-A ES during a rollup when some expected mandatory relationships between objects are missing.

Such conditions are expected to be there as data is continuously updated on VOM Management Server DB.

The steps below will tune the VOM-A ES to ignore such conditions and mark the rollup as “Successful with Warnings”.

The expectation is that subsequent rollups will pick up those objects when they are completely discovered. This enables the data to be available in the reports.





1.       1. Copy the attached file(enablepartialload.sql) to <INSTALL DIR>\Veritas\VRTSvomer\tools

2.       2. Open a command window and navigate to <INSTALL DIR>\Veritas\VRTSsfmh\bin

3.       3. Execute the following command:

perl.exe vomadm vomadb --f "C:\Program Files\Veritas\VRTSvomer\tools\enablepartialload.sql"

4.       4. Initiate a roll-up from the VOM-A ES UI.

The roll-up should now succeed with the status of “Succeeded with Warnings”.


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