Upgrade of CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter (CCER) fails due to insufficient Oracle permissions.

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Upgrade of CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter (CCER) fails due to insufficient Oracle permissions.

Error Message

ER 5.2 HF Installer detected oracle database upgrade. Please provide below details to proceed ER Hotfix deployment.
Enter user name for the Oracle database:sys Enter PASSWORD for Oracle's 'sys' user:
Checking Oracle connection ......
ERROR: Can not connect to the Oracle database.
Oracle error message:
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges [Wed Feb 29 13:15:52 2012] ERROR: Please resolve the connection issue then try the script again


account that the Oracle permissions are insufficient using SQL*Plus.  The Oracle SID name can be found in the tnsnames.ora file. 



# set ORACLE_SID=<SID name>

# sqlplus
Login: sys as sysdba
Password: <oracle password>

 An additional case can be if the user wishes to use a temporary DBA-privileged account for the upgrade.

To Create the account, one will need to have their Oracle DBA create the temporary account (we'll use 'tempDBA' for the example here)

SQL> create user tempDBA identified by tempTBA;      */to create the user and define the password */

SQL> grant create session to tempDBA;          */ grants the 'create session' permission */

SQL> grant sysdba to tempDBA;          */ grants the sysdba privileges to the user */



When running the CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter 5.2RU3 upgrade script, and it requests the Oracle username, you can use tempDBA for the username, and tempDBA for the password.  Do not add '@OracleSID or @OracleService_name' to the username--the upgrade script automatically appends what it needs to the username, when will attempt authentication preparatory to upgrading the CCER DBInstance's Schema.


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