Deleting a Backup Set in Backup Exec 2012 and above

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Deleting a Backup Set in Backup Exec 2012 and above


Backup Exec (BE) 2012 and above has a new view of 'Backup Sets'. This can be seen under a Server Resource or a Storage Target.

With a Backup Set selected, there is an option to Delete the Backup Set. This will remove the Catalog, Database entry, and the actual Backup Data in the storage location. The data will deleted and will not be able to be restored. 

Note: Backup Exec 2014 has a EXPIRE options and will only expire the backup set(s). 2014 does not provide a Force Delete options at this time. To manually delete a backup set in 2014, go to Backup Exec button > Configuration and Settings > Backup Exec Settings > Storage and enable the,'Allow Backup Exec to delete all expired backup sets,' option. Then proceed to Expire (delete) the selected backup sets.

*Note this is not the same as previous versions of BE for deleting a media listing. This new action is deleting the Backup Set.

If the Backup Set being deleted has dependent sets, the dependent sets will also be deleted. Example: Deleting a Full backup will delete all Incremental sets associated with the Full backup.



Note: If external drives (such as USB) are attached to Backup Exec 2014, and the drive contained backup sets from older versions of Backup Exec or had not been attached to the server at the time the backups were expired, then an inventory and catalog of the drive may be necessary to prompt DLM to remove the backup sets from the drive and reclaim the space for future operations.

If this inventory and catalog operation needs to be scheduled, it cannot be done through the Backup Exec GUI, but can be done using BEMCLI.

 BEMCLI information 

See Submit-BEInventoryAndCatalogMediaJob:

Submit-BEInventoryAndCatalogMediaJob -DiskStorageDevice
[<BEDiskStorageDevice>] [[-Name] [<String>]] [-BackupExecServer
[<BEBackupExecServer>]] [-WhatIf [<SwitchParameter>]] [-Confirm
[<SwitchParameter>]] [<CommonParameters>]

Scheduling information can be found below:

How to run BEMCLI cmdlets as pre/post commands or from Windows Task Scheduler

Allowing scheduling of BEMCLI cmdlets/scripts




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