vcsenv file in 5.1SP1RP2 based on Solaris does not contain correct soft limit settings for file descriptor ulimit

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- As reported in e2398639, a request was made to modify the vcsenv file such that the ulimit for file descriptors was made a soft limit so that non-root users could raise the number of file descriptors for applications under VCS control. This issue is supposed to be fixed in 5.1SP1RP2 in e2398807, but wasn't. The issue is documented as fixed in 5.1SP1RP3 but wasn't. Hotfixes are available from Customer Support for both Solaris SPARC & x86_64.


The fix (VCS 5.1SP1RP2HF3) now appends the following code in the vcsenv file:

# File Descriptor
# If hard limit for open files is less than 2048 Then
#       set both limits(soft limit & hard limit) to 2048
# Else : only set soft limit to 2048
if [ `ulimit -Hn` != "unlimited" ] && [ `ulimit -Hn` -lt "2048" ]; then
        ulimit -n 2048
        ulimit -Sn 2048


This allows applications to request more than 2048 file descriptors if required.


Contact Customer Support for the necessary Hotfix.


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Solaris 10

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