Issue: NDMP backup on EMC Celerra fails with status 99


Exact Error Message
< “NDMP backup failure(99)” from the Details status tab>
NDMP backups were failing for EMC Celerra File Server. NDMP configured on EMC VNX 5500 box.

Error Message

Checked the details status and found :-

<Snip from Details tab>
x/29/20xx 6:05:59 PM - Error ndmpagent(pid=9564) NDMP_LOG_ERROR 0 Invalid backup path        
x/29/20xx 6:05:59 PM - Error ndmpagent(pid=9564) NDMP backup failed, path = /abc/xyz      
x/29/20xx 6:05:59 PM - positioned xxxxx; position time: 00:00:02
x/29/20xx 6:05:59 PM - begin writing
x/29/20xx 6:06:00 PM - Error bptm(pid=5896) none of the NDMP backups for client completed successfully  
x/29/20xx 6:06:15 PM - end writing; write time: 00:00:16
NDMP backup failure(99)



Run command :-tpautoconf -probe ndmp_host_name & tpautoconf -verify ndmp_host_name and found it enlists output successfully.
Telnet to 10000 port of the NDMP filer and it works fine.
Ran the following commands on the filer :
1)      nas_fs –list
2)      server_export   server_2
3)      nas_server -l –v
4)       server_export vdm0
5)      server_df server_2 
[nasadmin@XXXX5500 ~]$ nas_fs -list
id      inuse type acl   volume    name                server
1        y    1   0     14        root_fs_3           2
2        n    5   0     15       root_panic_reserve
3        y    1   0     16       root_fs_vdm_vdm0    1
4        y    1   0     18       Iyyy              v1
5        y    1   0     20       ITx                  v1
[nasadmin@XXXX5500 ~]$ server_export   server_2
server_2 :
export "/" anon=0 access=
[nasadmin@XXXX5500 ~]$ nas_server -l -v
id       acl server    mountedfs       rootfs name
1        0    1         21,22           26      vdm0
[nasadmin@XXXX5500 ~]$ server_export vdm0
vdm0 :
share "IyyyArch$" "/Iyyy/Iyyy" umask=022 maxusr=429496xxxx netbios=test-BO-                                                                             S200
share "ITx$" "/ITx/ITx" umask=022 maxusr=429496xxxx netbios=test-BO-S200
[nasadmin@XXXX5500 ~]$ server_df server_2
server_2 :
Filesystem          kbytes         used        avail capacity Mounted on
IT x              10325xxxx     8655xxxx     16701192   44%    /root_vdm_1/ITx
Iyyy          105735xxxx         27xx   105735xxxx    0%    /root_vdm_1/Iyyy
root_fs_vdm_vdm0    11xxxx         86xx       105xxx    8%    /root_vdm_1/.etc
root_fs_common       153xx         52xx        100xx   44%    /.etc_common
root_fs_2           258xxx         86xx       24xxxx    10%    /



Please change the backup selection to "/root_vdm_1/ITx" and this time it will finish successfully.

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