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After adding 2 new nodes to a 5 node RAC cluster, an error is encountered when attempting to create a shared disk group.

Error Message

# vxdg -s init dfdr05xivvg dfdr05xivvg01=c4t5001738010190140d1s2
VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-585 Disk group dfdr05xivvg: cannot create: Cannot find disk on slave node


The difference in UDIDs caused the import function not to be able to verify that each disk of the disk group is seen across all nodes of the cluster.


master node:
udid:      IBM%5F2810XIV%5FALUAdisk%5F0017380010190053

slave node:
udid:      IBM%5F2810XIV%5F1019%5F0053



Upgrade the Array Support Library (ASL) of the old nodes of the cluster to same version as new node of cluster so that the ASL is consistent throughout the  cluster.

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While this issue was discovered in this environment, it is likely that this issue could be seen in any environment where a shared disk group is used (like Cluster Volume Manager).  This issue will not be seen on a standalone Storage Foundation or clustered Storage Foundation HA  (VCS) environments.

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