Following the installation or upgrade to Enterprise Vault 9.0 SP3 post-processing fails to complete

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Post-processing of archived emails may not occur or may occur intermittently after the installation or upgrade of Enterprise Vault to 9.0 SP3.  SQL Profiler shows the stored procedure usps_WatchFileCount is started for each partition in the affected Vault Store, however it will not show an End Time for one of the partitions in the affected Vault Store that it runs against.

The Reporting Vault Store Summary page will show an increasing number of items awaiting backup and an Error event may be logged in the Enterprise Vault Status pane indicating that a large number of items are awaiting backup.

Error Message

A dtrace of StorageFileWatch when the Vault Store exists Backup Mode or the Storage Service is restarted will show the start (Entry) of the operation to call usps_watchFileCount but not show a corresponding end (Exit) for this operation. 

A working partition shows the initialisation of the stored procedure and a success result:

{CVSDBAccessor::GetUnsecuredSavesetsCount} (Entry) PartitionIdentity = [0]

{CVSDBAccessor::GetUnsecuredSavesetsCount} (Exit) Status: [Success]

A non-working partition only shows the initialisation of the stored procedure but no result is returned:

{CVSDBAccessor::GetUnsecuredSavesetsCount} (Entry) PartitionIdentity = [1]



This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 - Release Details

If unable to upgrade to 9.0.4 or 10.0.3 the following workaround can be applied.


A workaround is available that will ensure the usps_WatchFileCount Stored Procedure completes successfully.  Please ensure that the Enterprise Vault server and associated SQL databases are fully backed up prior to applying this workaround.  The script should only be run against the Vault Store databases affected by the problem.  

Note: This Workaround is ONLY for 9.0.3.  Do NOT apply this Workaround on 9.0.4 or 9.0.5.

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