PassThru Placeholder recall does not work

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While the File Server and Volume targets are enabled for PassThru recall in the Vault Administration Console (VAC), the Placeholder service processes the recall requests using normal retrieval logic instead of using the PassThru methods, resulting in Placehodlers being recalled on the file server. 


Error Message

Dtrace error:

Failed to find first file in the cache. Error:2



When the Placeholder service starts on a Windows File Server, among other operations, it starts processing threads and validates the settings defined in the Vault Administration Console (VAC). The FileServer and respective Volume targets in the VAC, that have been enabled for PassThru, are validated when the PassThru configuration is initialized.

Dtrace output shows the following processing logic:
(EvPlaceholderService)    <5192>  EV:L       Local path for the UNC Path '\\FSERVER-ABC01\d$ is 'D:\'
(EvPlaceholderService)    <5192>  EV:H      Pass-Through cache location - D:\PassThruCache.
(EvPlaceholderService)    <5192>  EV:H      Pass-Through enable on file server -1
(EvPlaceholderService)    <5192>  EV:H      Pass-Through cache size - 1
(EvPlaceholderService)    <5192>  EV:H      Pass-Through cache threshold - 80
(EvPlaceholderService)    <5192>  EV:H      Pass-Through target - D:\, status – enable
(EvPlaceholderService)      <8992>  EV:L        {CPlaceholderSvr::SetPassThruFolder} (Entry)
(EvPlaceholderService)      <8992>  EV:L        Attempting to enable pass-through on the folder: D:\
(EvPlaceholderService)      <8992>  EV:M      Successed to set pass-through recall mode on folder : D:\
(EvPlaceholderService)      <8992>  EV:L        {CPlaceholderSvr::SetPassThruFolder} (Exit) Status: [Success]
After the Volume target is successfully enabled, an error is detected in Dtrace which shows that the initialization of the Cache could not be completed.
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L        GlobalCacheMAP::InitOnDiskCacheMap
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:H       Failed to find first file in the cache. Error: 2
After this error, when a placeholder recall request is detected it starts the normal recall method:
(EvPlaceholderService)    <4624>  EV:M     [EvRequestArchivedFile] Queueing placeholder request for file: D:\FSATesting\DataFolder\ABC\1234.jpg
(EvPlaceholderService)    <4624>  EV:L       {RequestArchivedFile::RequestArchivedFile} (Entry)
On normal initialization following lines should be loaded:
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L      GlobalCacheMAP::LockAndInsertBlockEntryOfFile()
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L      FileEntry::LockAndInsertBlockEntry()
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L      GlobalCacheMAP::UnLockBlockEntryOfFile()
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L      FileEntry::UnLockBlockEntry()
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L      GlobalCacheMAP::LockAndInsertBlockEntryOfFile()
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L      GlobalCacheMAP::UnLockBlockEntryOfFile()
(EvPlaceholderService)      <9576>  EV:L      GlobalCacheMAP::LockAndInsertBlockEntryOfFile()
When a Placeholder recall is detected the EvPassthruCacheInit method should be loaded as in the line below:
(EvPlaceholderService)    <2756>  EV:M     [EvPassthruCacheInit] Queueing a data request| FileName:D:\FSATesting\DataFolder\ABC\1234.jpg| keyID : 1


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details


Applies To

Enterprise Vault 10.0 on Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 (64 Bit)

File System Archiving Agent 10.0 on Windows Server 2008 Standard X86 (32 bit)

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