Symmetrix Explorer process crashes when discovering Symmetrix VMAX array via Symcli

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The EMCSymmetrixExplorer keeps on crashing and is in Failed state while discovering EMC Symmetrix VMAX arrays via Symcli from the Windows 2008 CH 64bit OS with the Jumbo Hotfix F520022567036 installed.

Error Message


The following error is logged to the output of "halagentcfg list-processes -a"
Process    [ArrayExplorers] RUNNING 6864
Process    [CIMVAILExplorers] RUNNING 5640
Process    [EMCSymProc3000] RUNNING 6840
Process    [EMCSymProcVMAX1] FAILED 6092
  Explorer [EMCSymmetrixExpVMAX1]



  • This issue is caused by the EMCSymProcVMAX process running out of memory while creating XML.
  • This is a known issue with the vxpal.exe where the EMCSymProcVMAX process exceed the 2GB memory limit on Windows 2008 64 bit OS.


The vxpal for this bug is scheduled to be included in CCS 5.2 RU3.

As a workaround to this issue until RU3 is release, the configuration change is needed for the VxPal to go up to 4GB.

Applies To

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP2 x64.
  • CommandCentral Storage 5.2 RU2 with the Jumbo Hotfix F520022567036.

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