Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Service Pack 2 Release notes

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Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Service Pack 2 Release notes.


This technote contains a list of known issues resolved with Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Service Pack 2 

Service Pack 2 is a roll-up of the following Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 hotfixes:

Service Pack 1 (168343)
Hotfix #: 167567
Hotfix #: 168893
Hotfix #: 164659
Hotfix #: 170962
Hotfix #: 171073
Hotfix #: 172625
Hotfix #: 167791
Hotfix #: 173790
Hotfix #: 173536


Backup Exec 2010 R3 Service Pack 2 can be downloaded here (TECH178798) or under the related documents section.


General information about this patch:

- Core: VXgather missing HKLM\Software\Symantec in the "Base logs > BEDiag > Interesting Registry Selections" 
- Core: VXgather not configured to collect PDVFS logs after upgrade to BE 2010 R3 
- Core: VXgather: Add new option to collect .crt files from the Data Path 

- NDMP: In some cases EMC Celerra server panics due to messages continuously appearing in the Celerra server and debug logs
- NDMP: Added EXCLUDE statement support for Isilon OneFS 6.5.4
- NDMP: Isilon reporting wrong directory size in the restore job properties.
- NDMP: NDMP Backup Jobs are sitting in queued status when attempting to mount a scratch volume.
When using hardware encryption a NDMP backup with Verify enabled or NDMP restore job will fail with the error "The NDMP server returned a restore error".(TECH176005)
- In some cases, Direct Copy only does not work when the original backup job includes NetApp data.
- Generic NDMP (ISILON): Support for 128k block size has been added for system version OneFS 5.5.6 and greater.

Deduplication Option:
- PDDE: Limited virtual memory addresses cause intermittent Backup Exec Job Engine crash during optimized duplication operation
- PDDE/Data Domain: Possible performance improvements (in certain environments) for SMap manipulation
- PDDE: Opt-Dupe: Change default behavior to multiple sets per destination image. (See Related Article TECH166031)
- PDDE: Unable to restore from optimized duplicated sets when the original backup set was created using client side deduplication.  NULL-SERVER shows up in the catalogs. (TECH169051)
- PDDE: Unable to restore from optimized duplicated sets when they span media on the destination deduplication folder.  (TECH173981)
- OST: Improved logging and a fix for handling bad backup images (end of media and large capacity issues).
- PDDE: Backup job targeted to Deduplication Folder completes successfully however Duplicate or Verify jobs fail intermittently with 0xe000810b
- Physical Volume Library Drive not found" OR "The   requested media was mounted, but it has been erased "
- PDDE: Cache hits are reported 0 for a Backup Job doing Client Side Deduplication of a 32 Bit Windows Server
- PDDE: Logs for several hours.  Core: VXgather does not collect new EVENTS location from the deduplication storage folder in BE 2010 R3.
- PDDE: When creating a Deduplication storage folder using certain characters at the beginning or end of a logon account password results in the message "An error occurred while creating a Deduplication storage folder." (TECH125206)
- NBU5020 & 5000: OST duplicate set backups fail during the verify
- In some cases adding or sharing large amounts of OST devices between multiple remote agents can cause Backup Exec services to stop running.
- Multiple copies of a duplicate job may fail with data inconsistencty errors when running to a Deduplication folder or OST Device
- During duplicate job of a GRT set from the deduplication folder, ODBC errors are reported in the Backup Exec Alerts and in the event log.  See TECH169043 for details.

Sharepoint Agent:
- SPSV3 - set copy of Sharepoint content DB from disk to tape hangs at 'updating catalogs'
- SPS: v-79-57344-794 Error unable to query the team data base meta-data: SPSWrapper exception.
- SPS: Cannot add Server Farm with web server configured as FQDN within SharePoint -
- MOSS:(GRT) Restoring folders or sub folders under Document Library, MOSS 2007 does not restore the “Modified By” value as the original.
- SPS3: Snapshot backup of SharePoint data with GRT fails with 'Access is denied'
- SPSV4: During Sharepoint Foundation 2010 backup search crawl is paused and not resumed
- SPSV3: Successful list restore results in list items missing or list inaccessible.
- Granular (GRT) backups of Sharepoint data, written to disk and with or without the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) enabled, may fail with '0xe0001602 - Access is denied (Share point backup). (TECH167235)
- Sharepoint 2010 backup fails with error unable to query the team database metadata (TECH166575)
- Sharepoint restore of a web app does not restore user permissions on the web app (TECH178746)

Exchange Agent:
- Exch GRT: Backup Jobs to a backups to a deduplication folder may fail with: Recovery FAILED - ERROR::RC = -586 - <n/a> 
- VFF Open Failure. This can be caused by low memory or disk resources. (Timed out when waiting for thread shutdown) 
- EXCH: VFF Failure during backups (low memory or disk resources) Error on Virt thread start up. 
- EXCH: GRT backup fails randomly on different storage groups with the error "'-543 The required log files for recovery are missing. '" 
- Exch: GRT incremental backup to Netgear NAS fails intermittently with -528 error. 
- EXCH: Error: MAPI failed to enumerate the messages. When browsing public folder database restore selections. 
- EXCH: Incremental Backup of Exchange 2010 DAG fails with -1022 There is a disk IO Error using BE 2010 R3 
- EXCH: beremote crashes during restore of public folders 
- EXCH: Backup selection detects incomplete database name resulting in job failure. 
- EXCH: RT enabled backup of Exchange fails with error -586 (even after applying Hotfix 143746)  PDDE: After upgrade to BE 2010 R3, Vxgather hangs on Gathering 
- EXCH: Exchange 2010 GRT enabled duplicate from tape to tape fails with error: 0x20000412 S_TF_NEED_NEW_BUFFER
- EXCH: An Exchange GRT restore from a AVVI backup fails with “0xe00002fe - Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials”  (TECH175964)  

AVVI (Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure) Agent:
- AVVI: App GRT backup fails with Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
- AVVI : GRT enabled backup of VMware agent causes remote agent crash with VirtApi+feb5."Final error: 0xe000ff18 - A communications failure has occurred with a Virtual Machine resource."
- AVVI: App GRT backup fails with Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. (even after applying Hotfix 147674)
- When browsing virtual machine selections using the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) some virtual machines do not list any virtual disks (TECH164117)           
- Vmware agent backups using SAN transport mode on French Windows 2008 environment fail with "SAN transport mode not supported" (TECH166842)                
- VMware GRT restore from spanned set fails with 0xe0009744 error (TECH166747)
- Backup of virtual machine templates with Application GRT enabled cause the Backup Exec Remote Agent service to crash (TECH165056)
0xe000fe34 - A checksum of the data has failed, during the Verify portion of the job when backing up VMware Virtual Machines (TECH164566)                   
- A Backup of a virtual machine does not list all VMDK's in the backup job log. (TECH175963)                                                                
- 0x200095bf - A failure occured while locking the virtual machine in place for backup/restore operations (TECH169423)                                      
- A backup of a file with a size of 2GB or bigger will be displayed within the Backup Exec Restore View with a size of over 18TB. (TECH169103)              
- Backup of a virtual machine fails with the error "V-79-57344-38264 - Unable to copy the virtual machine disk using the VMware VixDiskLib. You have requested access to an area of the virtual disk that is out of bounds. (TECH143744)                                
- Complete VM restores from differential and incremental backupsets via the SAN transport mode fail with Final Error : " 0xe000958d Failed to get the virtual machine snapshot details. " (TECH170602)                                                                  
- Redirect restore of Virtual Machine from one Hyper-V host to another fails with error: "e0009645 - Backup Exec failed to register the virtual machine"  (TECH169094)         
- Logical Drive in an Extended Partition missing from AVVI GRT Backup.  (TECH155688)                                                                        
- Backup of a virtual machine with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server or Active Directory installed may fail with the "Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp001zzz and its subdirectories." when the application data is stored on a logical volume  (TECH163814)
- Restore of a VMWare Template fails with "Unable to Create New Virtual Machine"  (TECH175965)                                                              
- Backup Exec Job Engine crashes during VMWare backups when 6 concurrent jobs are running. (TECH175962)
- During a backup of a virtual machine using the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure the Backup Exec Remote Agent may crash on mounter.dll (TECH172110) 
- Backup of virtual machines using the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) randomly fail with "Error. Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp000zzz and its subdirectories" (TECH169958)                                                                         
- Bengine.exe crashes during non-GRT VMWare backup, with '0x80000003 - {EXCEPTION.EN_US} Breakpoint has been reached' (TECH170587)                          
- GRT enabled Backup of Multiple Virtual Machines selected in the same Job using the Agent for Vmware Virtual Infrastructure fails on second or third virtual machine in the selection list with "Remote Agent not detected on virtual center" error (TECH171278)       
- Backup Exec Remote agent service may crash on Backup Exec server if more than 20 AVVI GRT backups are running concurrently  (TECH172429)   
- Backup of DFSR data having long path fails causing the Beremote.exe to crash reporting error on module "msvcr80.dll" (TECH166647)
- AVVI agent backups using SAN transport mode on French Windows 2008 environment fail with error "SAN transport mode not supported" (TECH166842)
- Restoring GRT items from AVVI Agent Application GRT backup set fails with an error "Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials."    (TECH176608)
- Unable to restore from backup sets that are over 4TB in size and were completed with Backup Exec 12.5 (TECH173536)
- SAN restore transport mode has been removed from the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI)  (TECH178741) 

Hyper-V Agent:
- Hyper-V Agent Active Directory Application GRT backup to tape fails with Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp001zzz and its subdirectories. (TECH166900)

EV Agent:
EV: beremote crashes on Enterprise Vault system with large number of volumes when EV agent logging is set to maximum

Device and Media / Hardware / IDR:
-NEW Device Support: Backup Exec will now recognize the IBM HH LTO Gen 5 inquiry string.
-Backup Exec Job Engine service crashes intermittently in libstspipd.dll while backing up to Deduplication Storage Folder.
-Unable to install Backup Exec Options after hotfix 167567 is installed. Error 1328.Error applying patch to file C:\Config.Msi\PTE912.tmp
- After upgrading firmware for a HP VLS series library (VTL), drives may be reported as missing
- LTO devices true hardware fault during backup causes jobs to fail - should retry.
- Backup Exec Job Engine (bengine.exe) service terminates during Synthetic baseline backups in module THEFH_LibCatalog.dll (TECH143752)
- IMG folders are missing after running an inventory of the Storage Provisioning Option (SPO) Virtual Disk (TECH172185)

Linux Agent:
- RALUS: Backup of Solaris 10 U9 flat file completes successfully, but restore selections show the original folders/files and another with the last character dropped


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