Snapshot LUN/s grayed out in the backup selections list of NDMP server

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Snapshot LUN/s grayed out in the backup selections list of NDMP server, making it impossible to select for a backup job.


NDMPserver\Volume\Snapshot folder\LUN/s grayed out in the backup selections list, making it impossible to select for a backup job.

Using the same "root" or "NDMP" account for NetApp SnapDrive software can be accessed.

What is SnapDrive ?

Snapdrive is a automate storage-provisioning tasks and simplify the process of taking host-consistent Snapshot copies of data.
It is a wizard-based approach to map, manage, and migrate data between new and existing storage resources.
Can add more storage as needed to the physical and virtual environments and eliminate the need to preallocate storage resources based on forecasted demand.
NetApp SnapDrive is tightly integrated with the Microsoft NTFS file system and provides a layer of abstraction between application data and physical storage associated with that data.

  • Advanced Storage Virtualization: storage managed by SnapDrive logically appears to come from a locally attached storage subsystem
  • Dynamic Volume Management: add, delete, map, unmap, and mirror virtual disks online, and expand volume capacity on-the-fly.
  • Seamlessly integration with Microsoft Cluster Server
  • SnapDrive integrates Snapshot technology to provide near-instantaneous point-in-time images of application and user data

In the above FIG 1 LUNS listed is the virtual mount and know as "copy-on-write." The copy-on-write method defines a snapshot by LUN/s at a point in time, and then monitors the original dataset for changes. If a change is made, the change is recorded or tracked in a separate location. Over time, the size of a snapshot can continue to grow, especially when a snapshot is made of a quickly changing dataset. The snapshot manager presents different views of the dataset, typically as if they were different full backups of the data. The snapshot manager can also switch to any available view of the data on demand, thus, in a sense, restoring the data.

However it will not allow the selection of the LUN/s directly as it contains active data in it, but the folder associated with that LUN/s which is a snapshot volume can be selected for the backup.

Run the backup job & verify the size of the backup after it completes successfully. The size of the snapshot/mounted LUN/s will match the backup size.

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