An exception error occurs when drilling down into the License Deployment Report (LDR) generated in Veritas Operations Manager (VOM).

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VOM can generate an LDR report containing statistics of how license and products are deployed among the hosts in the network (that have been configured as Managed Hosts [MHs] ).





When clicking on the values in the License deployment summary, an exception error is generated.


Error Message


In webserver log:


2012-01-23 13:32:41,965 [http-14161-7] ERROR vrts.ob.web.view.GenericTableMode
lImpl  - initialize,number of columns in the table view settings is more than
the number of the actual columns in the table hence resizing them


May have been triggered by the upgrade process of going to version 4.1.



Work-around to create a persistent resolution


It was found that clicking on the right-most click-able value (Expired licenses in this case) did not generate the exception error.  It was also found that this allowed the user to click on each value in order (from right to left)  Skipping a value would generate the exception error and it was necessary to start over at the right-most value.


This "correction" was not permanent and the error would return after the user logged out and logged back in.  The procedure below will make the "fix" persist ant.  This issue also appears to be login specific so if more than one login is used to generate the LDR report (and sees the exception error), the procedure below must be repeated after logging in as each affected login,


1)  Generate the LDR report.




2)  Click on the Total deployments value to verify that the exception error occurs.




3)  Click on the right-most value Expired licenses to view the table




4)  Click on the wrench icon at the upper right of the table and select Settings



5)  This will display a window where the displayed columns can be selected.  It is not necessary or suggested to make any changes at this time.  Click the OK button.


6)  Click Deployment Summary near the upper left of the page and click the Summary tab to return to the License deployment summary.



7)  Move 1 value to the left, click on it to display that table and repeat steps 4 through 7.



If any other logins are used for VOM and this issue exists (exception error) for any specific user, repeat this procedure after logging out and logging back in as the next affected login.


As an alternative, it has also been reported that deleting "LDR_*" in the store directory for a specific user will resolve this issue however it will remove any custom column selections that have been made previously.  While this approach is logical, it has not been confirmed.



# pwd
# ls
# cd root@maztoy(unixpwd)__maztoy(unixpwd)
# ls LDR_*

Applies To

VOM 4.1



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