The Backup Exec Management Service does not start after upgrading/migrating to Backup Exec 2012 and above

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After an upgrade/migration to Backup Exec 2012 and above, if the IIS Admin service cannot be started, the Backup Exec Management Service will also fail to start.

Entries similar to the following may also show in the Event Viewer:

  • Starting Management service
  • Starting IIS Admin service
  • IIS Admin service failed to start
  • Management service cannot be started



Error Message

Error observed in the Windows Services Console:
The Backup Exec Management Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts

Windows Application Event Logs:

Event ID: 0
Source: Backup Exec Management Service
An exception occured starting remoting services for Backup Exec Management Service:
System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException: The tracking (workstation) service is not running. This often indicates that a service that HTTP.SYS depends upon (such as httpfilter) is not started. ---> System.Net.HttpListenerException: The tracking (workstation) service is not running
   at System.Net.HttpListener.AddAllPrefixes()
   at System.Net.HttpListener.Start()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.SharedHttpTransportManager.OnOpen()

Windows System Event Logs:

Event ID: 7001
Source: Service Control Manager
The HTTP SSL service depends on the IIS Admin Service service which failed to start because of the following error:
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.



The HTTP.SYS driver which is hosted under "HTTP SSL Service" on Windows Server 2003. If this service is not started, any service that hosts SSL based endpoints will not start. Backup Exec Management Service hosts the metadata using https://, thus it is dependant on the HTTP SSL Service.

Note: This is an OS based dependency and only applies to Windows Server 2003.



For media servers where IIS is installed:

Ensure that the following services are started:

  1. IIS Admin service
    • Attempt to manually start the IIS Admin Service.  If the service starts up properly, then start the Backup Exec Management Service.
    • If the IIS Admin service is disabled, set it to Automatic and try again.
    • If the IIS Admin service is started and still the Backup Exec management service doesn't start check for additional event logs in the Windows event viewer.
    • If the IIS Admin Service fails to start manually, contact Microsoft's support to resolve this issue.
  2. HTTP SSL service
    This service implements the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) for the HTTP service using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).  If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.
    • Ensure that the HTTP SSL service is not disabled.
    • Set this service to manual and run the following command by going to Start - Run - Cmd

      net start httpfilter


      Attempt to manually start the HTTP SSL service from the Windows services console.


For media servers where IIS is not installed:

Ensure that the HTTP SSL service is started. There is no need for IIS Admin service to be present/started.


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Applies To

BE 2012 and above

Windows Server 2003


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