Which Agents and Options are NOT available for evaluation with a licensed installation of Backup Exec

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Some agents and options cannot be evaluated once the core product licensing has been entered/activated with the Backup Exec Installation.



The following Options are available for trial (evaluation) after any license has been installed into Backup Exec

Options available for trial (60 day evaluation): (Figure 1 and 2 show examples for BE 2012)
  • Agent for Applications and Databases:
    • Agent for Enterprise Vault
    • Agent for Lotus Domino
    • Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Agent for Microsoft SharePoint
    • Agent for Microsoft SQL Server
    • Agent for Oracle Servers
    • Agent for Microsoft Active Directory
  • Agent for VMware and Hyper-V:
    • Agent for Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Agent for VMware
  • Deduplication Option
  • Agent for Oracle on Windows or Linux Servers
  • Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure
  • Agent for Windows Systems
  • NDMP Option
  • Remote Agent for Linux

Figure 1

Figure 2


Options NOT Available for trial (evaluation), after the core product licensing for Backup Exec has been entered/activated:

  • Enterprise Server Option:
    • Advanced Disk-based Backup Option
    • Central Admin Server Option
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Archiving Option (Note: Option now discontinued)
  • File System Archiving Option (Note: Option now discontinued)
  • Storage Provisioning Option (Note: Option now discontinued)

Figure 3


The Desktop Laptop Option (DLO) is not included on the list of options as this will now be a separate product
  • All Agents and Options are available for a 60 day evaluation if no licenses have been installed
  • Virtual Tape Library Support is now installed by default.  This option supports additional drives in a Virtual Tape Library (VTL), and Backup Exec includes support for every single-drive VTL. To support additional drives in each VTL, you must purchase the Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option.




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