Backup Exec for Windows Servers hotfix and service pack installation for Linux/Unix & Macintosh systems


Backup Exec for Windows Servers hotfix and service pack installation for Linux/Unix & Macintosh systems


If the hotfix is identified as targeting RALUS/RAMS/RMALS and you have RALUS/RAMS/RMALS systems in your environment, you must deploy the patch to all RALUS/RAMS/RMALS protected systems in your environment.  Note that some patches affect only certain platforms - for example, a patch that targets only Linux does not need to be applied to systems running RALUS on Solaris.  To apply the patch, follow these steps:
1. Download the hotfix .tar file.
2. Transfer the .tar file to the Linux/Unix system.  Note: If FTP is used to transfer the file, ensure that binary mode is enabled prior to GETting or PUTting the .tar file.  Most GUI-based FTP applications will do this automatically.  For more information, refer to the FTP client documentation.  Do not untar the file on a Windows system as this may corrupt the data.
3. Log in to a command line on the target system with root privileges.
4. Extract the file to a temporary location:
# cd /tmp
# tar -xvf <path and filename, for instance /home/user/ralus1364HF301340-Linux_301342.tar>
5. Run this command and follow any prompts on screen:
# ./
Note: As with the installation of any patch, it is important to run a full backup of the resources on each Linux/Unix system for recovery purposes after installing the patch.

To verify the hotfix installed on the RALUS/RAMS/RMALS system:
$ cat /var/VRTSralus/ralus.ver
The file will contains a number in the format of <product revision>.<hotfix number>.

Note: RALUS/RAMS/RMALS hotfixes cannot be uninstalled.  Removing and reinstalling RALUS/RAMS/RMALS from the installation media will revert the system back to the base version of RALUS/RAMS/RMALS with no hotfixes installed.

Note: RALUS/RAMS/RMALS hotfixes beginning with Backup Exec 12.0 hotfix 306723 are also available on the media server when the hotfix is installed. In the C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Agents\RALUS, C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Agents\RALUS64, and C:\Program Files\Backup Exec\Agents\Macintosh directories are files named VRTSralusPatch.tar.gz. These files can be copied to your RALUS/RAMS/RMALS target system and contain the latest available RALUS/RAMS/RMALS patch. Symantec does not recommend uncompressing these files on the Windows media server.

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