Backup Exec 2012 Simplified Scheduler - Differences

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The purpose of this document is to highlight differences between the scheduler in previous versions of Backup Exec and the Simplified Scheduler in Backup Exec 2012:

The scheduler in previous versions of Backup Exec had the ability to run a job :

- on specific dates (for example 10 January 2012)

- recurring week dates (for example every Monday or every 3rd Monday)

- recurring days of months (for example, first of the month or 25th of the month)

- days interval (for example every x days or hours)

- restart time interval (for example restart every 2 hours each run day)

- Exclusion dates at job/policy level (for example exclude 25th December)

A combination of these different options could be used offering the possibility to define complex schedule. To bring this flexibility, some aspects of schedule periods were based on a schedule window, a period of 24 hours not necessarily starting at 0:00 or finishing at 23:59. This brought undesired side effects  where exclusion dates would slide from the day they were defined to the following day or, as another example, for jobs not to run on expected days with a "missed" completion status. 


The new scheduler has a simplified way to define job recurrence with the following changes :

- It is no longer possible to combine multiple options. A recurring schedule can be only of type - hourly, daily, weekly monthly or yearly - in any given schedule. In the same manner, it is no longer possible to define a schedule as weekly, monthly or yearly and to include a specific date (for example it is not possible to schedule a job to run from Monday to Friday and on a specific Saturday).

- "Resource availability", a way to make a resource accessible or not for backups, have been removed in the Simplified Scheduler.

- "Restart time interval" have also been suppressed.


The Simplified Scheduler has the following added features :

- Schedule Windows longer than 24 hours. This translates into longer time duration for which a job can remain in queue without being reported as missed.

- Provision of exclude dates are defined at media server level as opposed to job level. The exclusion period now coincide with the 24 hour duration of the exclusion date.

- Changed behavior of auto-cancel window will now be relative to scheduled start time rather than actual start time of the job, thus bringing more predictability about when a job would be cancelled.

- Fixed the issue of missed or repeated job instances during DST transitions.

NOTE: The removed and added features will have an effect on job schedule during upgrade from a previous version of Backup Exec to Backup Exec 2012. For example, a job with a weekly Monday to Friday schedule also combining monthly weekend jobs will see 2 job definitions created with 2 distinct schedule. One for the weekly run and one for the monthly run. Symantec strongly recommends to review job schedules after an upgrade in particular if jobs were using features no longer available in this version.

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