Original items (post process) before the item is stored to the Centera device

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When archiving Domino and File System Archiving (FSA), Remove Safety Copies 'Immediately after archiving' and using Centera Collections removes the original items (post process) before the item is stored to the Centera device.

The behavior for Domino and File System Archiving (FSA), regarding how storage handles the removal of items when removing safety copies 'immediately after archive' while using Centera Collections differs from Exchange archiving. With Exchange archiving, when utilizing 'Immediately after archive', items are post processed after the item has been moved from the temporary collections location to the Centera Device.  With Domino and FSA Archiving, if 'Immediately after archive' is set, the item is post processed after the item is placed on the temporary collections location, prior to the item being sent to the Centera device.


For Domino and File System Archiving (FSA), this behavior introduces additional risk when selecting to use 'Immediately after archive', due to the temporary collections location being outside of the compliance device and the original item being removed from the original content source, prior to the archived copy reaching its final resting place (a collection on the Centera device).  Until this expected behavior changes, it is recommended to utilize 'After backup' for the Safety Copy action, which will ensure that the original item is not removed from its original content source until the archived item has been collected to the Centera, and Centera replication has completed.


This has been addressed in the following releases:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details

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