Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for NetBackup 7.5

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The NetBackup 7.5 Late Breaking News Bulletin has been created in order to provide customers updates on Documentation and Known Issues discovered post release.  These documents attempt to highlight the most "common" known issues and concerns reported by customers.

Guidelines regarding the availability of EEBs/Hotfixes for NetBackup can be found here:





Known Issues: Please select the hyperlink on each topic for more information on each issue.


Appliance Issues:
Appliance-specific issues are collected in the NetBackup 5xxx Appliance series Late Breaking News:


Installation Issues:
Please review the NetBackup 7.x Upgrade Portal for additional information on the 7.5 Upgrade: 

(ET3404485) Installation of NetBackup 7.5 or 7.6 hangs at the PDDE phase on some versions of AIX.  

In NetBackup, when running "bpdbm -consistency -move," valid NDMP images may be found to be "corrupt" and moved when they should not be moved.

Key Performance considerations for NetBackup 7.5 master servers

(ET2783979) During installation of a 7.5.0.x maintenance release, if the <install_path>/openv/db/data directory is a link, the installation will fail.

When applying a 7.5.0.x maintenance release on a Solaris server, if insufficient space exists in /tmp, the patch process will abort, leaving a master or media server with only the client binaries installed.

Fixed in  (ET2772490) After an upgrade to NetBackup where NBAC is in place, authorization services start and shut down suddenly. (This issue will not be seen during an upgrade to

(ET2701424) <<Fix Downloadable>> Attempting to upgrade a Netbackup cluster with GCO to 7.5 on VCS 5.1 SP2 fails with an RPC error.

(ET2696992) <<Fix Downloadable>> Installing NetBackup 7.5 client on to a 64-bit Windows server running postgreSQL fails.


Updates for Replication Director:
Replication Director Digest - The latest updates on Veritas NetBackup Replication Director


Auto Image Replication Issues:
Recommended NetBackup and PureDisk software versions and EEBs for use with Auto Image Replication

(ET2941256) List of fixes included in the bundle for Auto Image Replication

Manually importing replicated images on an AIR target server should be done with extreme caution as it can lead to unexpected image expiration if not managed correctly.


Other Issues:
Fixed in After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5.0.x, VMware Backups are slower than expected

NetBackup deduplication backup jobs may fail with status 84

After upgrade to NetBackup 7.5, MSDP storage volume is down


Latest Issues:
Fixed in  (ET 3624718) BMR restores fail for backups taken after 7th September, 2014 when using non-Windows Master Servers.

Fixed in  alert: When using NetBackup for VMware, if BIOS UUIDs are not unique, results of VIP queries filtering on custom attributes may be unpredictable.

Fixed in  (ET 3467593) alert: With a Solaris SPARC NetBackup master and Linux or Windows media server, there is a potential for full restores of a VM with independent disks to fail.

Fixed in  (ET 3501226) After applying or the nbpem process is asserting in LastBackupData::getWindowTimes.

Fixed in  (ET 3467593) NetBackup GRT browse of Exchange mailbox with special characters in its name fails with "Warning: unable to obtain list of files using specified search criteria" reported.

Fixed in  (ET 3473902) alert: When using NetBackup to protect Windows 2012 NTFS Data Deduplication volumes, restored DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) data may be corrupt.

Fixed in  (ET 3387635) alert: When adding new schedules to a NetBackup synthetic policy on Windows, the include file list may be incorrect for future backups.

Fixed in  alert: When /usr/openv is in the exclude list of a Linux backup host, VMware backups will appear to complete successfully but will not contain any data.

Fixed in  True Image Restore with move detection should not be enabled in NetBackup policies where Accelerator has already been enabled.

Fixed in  NetBackup restore jobs for more than 100,000 files may be delayed for several hours before starting to write data

Fixed in  When using the NetBackup Java GUI, selecting or changing a storage unit (to override the policy storage unit) within the schedule of a policy causes the retention level to reset to Level 1

Fixed in 7.6: (ET 3439790) MS SQL and other XBSA Backups fail with status code 239 reported after applying the NetBackup maintenance release.

Fixed in 7.6:  During an installation of the NetBackup maintenance release, clustered master server NetBackup processes core dump or application fault.

Fixed in 7.6:  After upgrading to NetBackup, Alternate Location VMware restores are putting VMDKs back in their original location.


NetBackup is now available!

NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 5 ( includes fixes for the issues marked below (including all fixes contained in the NetBackup maintenance releases) and additional fix content.  All customers are encouraged to apply the maintenance release as part of normal maintenance.  ALL issues listed below this header are resolved in NetBackup

Fixed in  (ET3286500) When taking place concurrent with a hot catalog recovery, an image cleanup may delete newly restored files and folders.

Fixed in  (ET3310111) Performance decrease for Incremental schedule types after upgrading to NetBackup 7.5

Fixed in  (ET3298566) OpsCenter may not collect all job data during its initial sync with a NetBackup master server, leading to inaccurate reporting.

Fixed in  (ET3357483) alert: In NetBackup, some Exchange 2013 CU1 or CU2 backups may appear to succeed, but restore attempts fail.

Fixed in  (ET3242432) Incremental backups of Windows Guest Virtual Machines with BLIB enabled or Duplication of such images to MSDP/PDDO Storage Units fail with error - fbu_scan_buf: bytesNeeded already set

Fixed in  (ET3320755) NetBackup 7.5 additional tuning for Sybase to allow thread optimization

Fixed in  (ET3289848) The NetBackup Legacy Client Service (bpinetd.exe) periodically crashes.

Fixed in  (ET3256446) NetBackup backup of DFSR data is slow

Fixed in  (ET3091012) bpdbm fails to connect to database with a connection error: Found server but communication error occurred

Fixed in  (ET3245196) When using Backup History to set the date range on a NetBackup Java console, status code 144 may be reported.

Note: The following hotfixes for NetBackup are no longer available:

Fixed in  (ET3300058) After upgrading to Netbackup, the Activity Monitor displays either UNKNOWN or inconsistent Job Details.

Fixed in  (ET3251172) After upgrading to Netbackup, bpbkar32.exe may fault on Windows 2003 clustered servers.

Fixed in  (ET3289890) In NetBackup, TIR (True Image Restoration) catalog data pruning fails, leading to unexpected growth in the size of catalog.

Fixed in  (ET3256506) alert: A regression in VMware vStorage APIs for data protection can result in NetBackup erroneously reporting a successful VM backup or restore of an offline LUN when using SAN transport.

Fixed in  (ET3263461) NetBackup Fibre Transport media server services will not run on Solaris 10 SPARC.

Fixed in  (ET3255000) Linux NetBackup VMware backup hosts may experience semaphore leaks following VMware backups.



Fixed in  (ET3118240) bpfis.exe generates an application fault on a multistream job to an Amazon Cloud storage unit

Fixed in  (ET2898214) OpsCenter causing high CPU utilization

Fixed in  (ET3108661) Mapped FullVM backup of VM fails to exclude the data disk on some Windows 2008 machines

Fixed in  (ET3137665) List of fixes included in the NetBackup bpbkar bundle for resolving status code 130 failures.

Fixed in  (ET3191336) alert: If the expiration time of a backup image copy stored on a tape is manually changed to an earlier expiration time, the expiration time of the tape may be incorrectly changed to the same earlier time.

Fixed in  (ET3123528) The NetBackup 7.5.0.x master server appears to "freeze;" administration console hangs as some commands hang indefinitely.

Fixed in  (ET3131418) VMware backups are hanging or failing with status 41 after waiting for response to a WMI query on IsSystemBootedUsingEFIFirmware()

Fixed in  (ET3103018) OpsCenter NetBackup Data Collection appears to hang and Java.exe process consumes allocated memory

Fixed in  (ET3105408) Backup and Duplication jobs to and from an Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) appear to hang or take an extended period of time to complete.

Fixed in  (ET3055770) Attempts to view SharePoint topology in SharePoint Server 2010 using the NetBackup GUI fail.

Fixed in  (ET2985395) bpbkar32.exe faults on DFSR backup jobs of NetBackup 7.5.0.x Windows clients.

Fixed in  (ET3093976) VMware Backups of Linux Servers using EXT4 may fail with Status 12 (db_FLISTsend failed: file open failed (12))

Note: The following hotfixes for NetBackup are no longer available:

Fixed in  (ET3106719) After upgrading a master server to NetBackup (or applying NetBackup 5200/5220 Appliances 2.5.2 to an Appliance running as a master server), the Activity Monitor reports inconsistent information on job status for some jobs. Additionally, some jobs may not display in OpsCenter.

Fixed in  (ET3113092) When running the NetBackup Java admin console and restoring windows clients to alternate directories, an "invalid destination pathname" error is displayed.

Fixed in  (ET3099258) bpbkar32.exe faults on DFSR backup jobs of NetBackup 7.5.0.x Windows clients

Fixed in  (ET3123001) nbsl experiences a memory leak which results in a core dump.



Fixed in  (ET3165084) alert: NetBackup's Sybase ASA fails to start, returning "Internal database error *** ERROR *** Assertion failed"

Fixed in  (ET3059678) A NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server agent backup fails sporadically with status code 6.

Fixed in  (ET2966213) Java GUI PREVIEW showing tapes needed for a restore fails - "Null for the fileData arg. The exception was thrown from (SR-1)writefile"

Fixed in  (ET2948703) VMware backups failing with status 13: file read failed.

Fixed in  (ET2952065) NetBackup 7.5.0.x backups with multiplexing, multistreaming and checkpoint restart enabled may hang when a large file is encountered.

Fixed in  (ET2873147) On some UNIX master servers, Sybase is leaking semaphores and the EMM_DATA.db grows very large.

Fixed in  (ET2954551)VMware incremental backups fail with status 13,84 to MSDP storage unit (deduplication). Error 2060022 (software error) appears in the pdplugin log.

Fixed in  (ET2979563) All backups stopped running, jobs that were running appeared to be hung and child jobs were never spawned.

Fixed in  (ET2988317) alert: Duplicated copies managed by a Storage Lifecycle Policy created with expiration dates beyond the UNIX epoch (January 19, 2038 03:14:07 UTC) are prematurely expired. This condition does not occur when a retention level set to "infinity" is used.

Fixed in  (ET2950392) Bare Metal Restore (BMR) RedHat 6.3 clients fail to import config file.

Fixed in  (ET2799175) In NetBackup 7.5.0.x, DSSU cleanup fails, triggering backup failures when the disk becomes full.

Fixed in  (ET2950431) VMware clients are displaying client name as IP address in OpsCenter Virtual Client Summary report

Note: The following hotfixes for NetBackup are no longer available:

Fixed in  (ET2990617) When a transaction log backup image for restoring from the SQL Agent is clicked on, the agent crashes.

Fixed in  (ET2935722) In some cases ,when a snapshot job is canceled the snapshot process will continue on the client.

Fixed in  (ET3013181) NetBackup 7.5 produces Status 156 on the inactive node of a Windows 2008 cluster

Fixed in  (ET2987107) Mapped FullVM backups are failing to map large dynamic disk on a virtual machine

Fixed in  (ET2991238) BMR enabled backup job is partially successful (status code 1) after upgrade to Netbackup, Parent job fails reporting status code 26



Fixed in  (ET2905057) alert: When duplicating images to a PDDO storage pool, if duplication fails initially but succeeds on a later attempt, it is possible that the duplicated images will be unrestorable.

Fixed in  (ET2846239) SQL backup jobs randomly failing.  Dbbackex.exe process does not exit after failure.

Fixed in  (ET2785499) Duplications jobs ending with Status 190, parent job ends with Status 191 when image is on a DSSU.

Fixed in  (ET2835170) alert: On an alternate client, off-host snapshots back up the local drive instead of the snapshot volume.

Fixed in  (ET2849987) alert: A tape holding copy 1 of a synthetic full backup may have its expiration time set incorrectly when under the control of a storage lifecycle policy.

Fixed in  (ET2777863) When performing a Test Query using the VMware Intelligent Policy, the number of virtual machines (VMs) returned is incorrect.

Fixed in  (ET2823087) SAP backup of files larger than 4GB fail.

Fixed in  (ET2833456) Incremental VMware Backups to deduplication pool is failing with Status 13/84

Note: The following hotfixes for NetBackup are no longer available:

Fixed in  (ET2824762) After upgrading to Netbackup 7.5, Active Directory Granular Backups fail with a status code 1 when doing Cumulative or Differential backups (fulls continue to work)

Fixed in  (ET2876501) NB_7.5.0.3_ET2876501_1.zip is an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) bundle replacement for NetBackup

This bundle includes resolutions for the following issues:

Fixed in  (ET2719194) After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5, Storage Life Cycle Policy (SLP) duplication jobs do not run.

Fixed in  (ET2832342) After upgrading to NetBackup version 7.5 through, multiple bpdbm processes appear to be using excessive CPU time.

Fixed in  (ET2842910) OST to TAPE Direct Duplication is not working properly after upgrading to NetBackup 7.5

Fixed in  (ET2829119) NB_7.5.0.3_ET2829119_2.zip is an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) bundle replacement for NetBackup

This bundle includes a resolution for the following issue:

Fixed in  (ET2817226) alert: Differential incremental catalog backups may skip recently updated configuration information. This can result in restores which will not bring configuration state to the expected point in time.

Fixed in  (ET2838857) NB_7.5.0.3_ET2838857_4.zip is an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) replacement for nbpem for NetBackup

This EEB includes resolutions for the following issues:

Fixed in  (ET2836511) After upgrading to NetBackup virtual machine (VMware) backups run multiple times, eventually failing with status code 196 reported.

Fixed in  (ET2746518) Calendar schedules will be run multiple times in the backup window in 7.5 if the Backup window spans midnight and the backup starts prior to midnight and finished on the next day.

Fixed in  (ET2836015) Query base VMware Backup using Calendar schedule may fail with Status: 196 (client backup was not attempted because backup window closed)

Fixed in  (ET2824075) After upgrading to NetBackup, VMware Backups started failing with "the backup failed to back up the requested files(6)" reported.



Fixed in  (ET2780187) In NetBackup 7.5, if bpexpdate -recalculate is invoked from the command line without the -d or -ret option, incorrect expiration dates for images may be recalculated, which may lead to early expiration of those images.

Fixed in  (ET2781929) Archived catalog images are not migrated correctly to NetBackup 7.5

Fixed in  (ET2735545) After upgrading the NetBackup master server to version, 7.5 media servers using disk staging storage units (DSSU) fail intermittently with status code 2106 reported.

Fixed in  (ET2717247) After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5, VMware Backups hang when attempting to write to MSDP storage pools.

Fixed in  "Unable to read configuration: server not allowed access (46)" after selecting Change Server

Note: The following hotfix for NetBackup is no longer available:

Fixed in  (ET2785535) NB_7.5.0.1_ET2785535_3.zip is an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) replacement for nbpem for NetBackup

Fixed in  (ET2769435) The NetBackup nbpem process is faulting during backup windows.



Note: The following hotfixes for NetBackup 7.5 are no longer available:

Fixed in  Replication Director Support Hotfix (NB_7.5_ET2698773_1.zip, NB_7.5_ET2698772_1.zip)

Fixed in  (multiple etracks) NB_7.5_ET2710406_1.zip is a Hotfix for 7.5 Master Servers

Fixed in  (ET2682336) After Upgrade to NetBackup 7.5, backlevel Media Servers using DSSU jobs fail with 190

Fixed in  (multiple etracks) DSSU/SLP duplications fail to run after 7.5 Upgrade


Applies To

Installation and Upgrade Checklist:

An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 7.5 on the SORT website to determine 7.5 requirements for master, media and clients:


SORT also provides the ability to audit EEBs/Hotfixes in your environment to determine if they are resolved in a current version of NetBackup. You can access the EEB Auditor on SORT at the link below.

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