Symantec System Recovery support for UEFI/EFI based systems.

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This document gives information concerning Symantec System Recovery (SSR) support for UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) based systems.

Error Message

  1. When booting the UEFI based system with Symantec Recovery Disc (SRD), the system hangs at the loading screen.
  2. After booting the UEFI based system with the SRD, it is unable to detect any attached hard disks.



Of the Microsoft operating systems family, only 64-bit Microsoft Operating systems supports UEFI based systems. The Symantec SRD disk for SSR 2011 and earlier is based on the 32-bit Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE). Due to this, the SRD from SSR 2011 and earlier inherits the limitation of the Win PE environment it uses of not supporting UEFI based systems.


Full support for UEFI based systems is included in SSR 2013.  With SSR 2013, there is now a 64-bit version of the SRD available which is based on Win PE 4.0.  This version of Win PE has support for UEFI based systems.  Therefore, the 64-bit SRD is capable of restoring UEFI based systems.



A possible workaround  for SSR 2011 and earlieis to switch between the UEFI and Legacy BIOS/CMOS mode. Switch the system to Legacy BIOS/CMOS mode or Auto Mode and try to boot with SRD. (Please refer to your hardware documentation to check if this option is available and how to change the boot mode). In certain cases, where existing drivers will work, the restore may proceed. It is recommended that end-users test this possible workaround in a DR test environment.

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Applies To

Systems utilizing the EFI/UEFI option.


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