After Restoring a SBS 2008 with Restore Anyware enabled gives a blank desktop after the reboot and all the icons may be missing from the desktop.

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After Restoring a SBS 2008 with Restore Anyware enabled gives a blank desktop after the reboot.


When a Windows SBS 2008 server is restored to a different hardware with Restore Anyware enabled (RAO), the restore process performs Sysprep by default on the first reboot and this may cause an issue.

In some cases after the restore completes and upon the first reboot the desktop will not load properly and will show as a blank desktop with all the icons missing.

Perform the following steps to disable Sysprep that takes place by default when using the Restore Anyware option to restore to dissimilar hardware.

1.  Once the machine is booted in the Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD), browse to the location where the image file for the System drive(OS drive) is located and select the corresponding file.

2.  On the Drives to Recover screen click on Edit and enable only the following options

            Partition Type : Primary Partition , Set drive active (for booting OS) , Restore Master Boot Record.

3.   Click on OK and on the Drives to Recover screen verify if the option " Use Restore Anyware to recover to different hardware " is enabled, incase it is enabled uncheck the same option.

4.   To access these hidden options, hold down the <CTRL> and/or <SHIFT> keys when selecting the " Use Restore Anyware to recover to different hardware " option from within the "Recover My Computer" wizard in the recovery environment.

5.   This would enable the hidden switch window to appear. By default Use Restore Anyware option has three hidden switches -  " Delete Existing Drivers " , " Run Windows Mini-Setup " and " Prompt For Drivers " .

6.   Uncheck the option " Run Windows Mini-Setup " and only enable the options " Delete Existing Drivers " and " Prompt For Drivers "

7.   Click on OK and click on Finish

Note : If there are any other drives to be restored do not enable the option " Reboot once finished "

Restore the other data drives with only the option " Restore Original Disk Signature " enabled. Please make sure that the " Use Restore Anyware to recover to different hardware " is not enabled when restoring data drives as it is only meant for the Operating System Drive.

8.  After the restore completes the machine can be rebooted

If Restore Anyware detects a mass storage controller such as a SCSI controller on the new system that it does not contain a driver for, it will prompt to have the driver added.  DO NOT ignore this prompt.  If the driver is not added, a bluescreen error will occur later in the process.  The only time the "ignore" option will not produce a bluescreen is if there are multiple mass storage controllers in the system and the driver it is prompting for is not the controller being used for the boot partition.


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