Some items fail to index with 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'


Some items fail to index with the following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


Error Message

Excerpt of Index Report:

SeqNo SSID URL Error Code Raw Error
7325 201111030330547~200902190717160000~Z~90AF9E85BAC13F0DE550788F47071891
http //EVServer/EnterpriseVault/download.asp?VaultID=12A2E7E0F1F4053489481740B5BD7E8A21110000EVServer&
101 Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Dtrace excerpt:

EVIndexVolumesProcessor) <Auditor Thread for 1D8F41F9695A84BD9AD35C2FCA53640E91013b00mailarchive_ 1945D594B91D49F4485A1EACC29B1D49B1013a00EVServer_12A2E7E0F1F4053489481740B5BD7E8A21110000EVServer_27:8996>
EV-L {EVREBUILDSUBTASK.EN_US} 7325|201111030330547~200902190717160000~Z~90AF9E85BAC13F0DE550788F47071891|
http //EVServer/EnterpriseVault/download.asp?VaultID=12A2E7E0F1F4053489481740B5BD7E8A21110000EVServer&
SavesetID=201111030330547~200902190717160000~Z~90AF9E85BAC13F0DE550788F47071891&Request=NativeItem|101|Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Journal Report following a verify:

The report will show that the item is missing and the Reason is: N/A

SeqNo SSID Attach ID URL Missing from Index Orphaned item MissingContent Reason
323038 201110077992414~201110071255120000~Z~80F1112D0E25C35EDB3DE5D60D739AC1 N/A
http //EVServer/EnterpriseVault/download.asp?VaultID=174B4974592C18247AE9CAD78A91EA4871110000EVServer&
SavesetID=201110077992414~201110071255120000~Z~80F1112D0E25C35EDB3DE5D60D739AC1&Request=NativeItem True False N/A


When the Indexing process encounters an empty tag for the Display Name or Email Address in the XML Stream of an item, this item failed to index.


This issue has been addressed by the following:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details

Applies To

The problem has been reported under the following version(s):
- Enterprise Vault 10.0.0 (Base Version)

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