Quota based archiving, archives all items beyond required amount to bring mailbox below quota when the policy is set to not create shortcut

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When Quota based archiving enabled and the policy is set to not create shortcuts, the Archiving Task processes  the entire mailbox until the override setting is reached, for example DO not archive items younger than three weeks. This also applies to age and quota based archiving.

Error Message

Event ID: 3379
There were too few archiveable items available to take mailbox '/o=First
Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group
(X)/cn=Recipients/cn=evsa' below the quota-free level of 20.|
|Quota limit: 46080KB| |Quota used: 42767KB (93 of quota limit)| |Previously
archived (pending): 0KB| |Required to archive: 5903KB (adjusted 5903KB)|
|Amount archived (this run): 26529KB| | You may need to review your mailbox
archiving policies to allow more items to be archived if you regularly see this
warning for mailboxes.

Dtrace will show no adjustment taking place in terms of sizing for each archived item.

When create shortcuts is applied we see:

36554 11:17:03.408 [2296] (ArchiveTask) <2720> EV:M CMbxSpace::GetAmountToSaveKB - Amount to archive:[5849] Currently
pending items (adjusted):[428] Adjusted total:[5421]

When create shortcuts is not applied we see:

26781 13:19:02.231 [2296] (ArchiveTask) <2720> EV:M
CMbxSpace::GetAmountToSaveKB - Amount to archive:[5903] Currently
pending items (adjusted):[0] Adjusted total:[5903]


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 - Release Details

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