Configure SDI (Symantec DataInsight) Virtual WINNAS Filer mappings to match DLP (Data Loss Prevention).


SDI by default shows mapping of the WINNAS physical devices.  If a view that shows mapping as displayed in DLP


Create a CSV file with the DFS mappings and import it into SDI.


Example environment:

Physical filer: \\

Physical share path: \shared

Cluster name:

Cluster share path: \books

(optional) Additional path under cluster share: \path\within\books


Example map file:

Name: mappings.csv

Layout:  Physical filer,Physical share path,Cluster name,Cluster share path

Contents (do not include the quote marks):



1.  After creating the mapping file, save it as a .csv

2.  In the SDI console, navigate to: Setttings > Filers
Click on Import DFS mapping > choose mapping file and upload.

3.  Go back to the work space, click the refresh icon in the upper right corner of the directory listing section.

4.  The DFS mapping is now in place.

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