CFS cannot mount as vxfence key register issue when host mode option do not set correctly in storage array side

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       Two node SFCFS with CFSMount type file system resource,CFS file system can mount after two node reboot. 

      The CFSMount resource can not online,file system cannot mount after one node stop HAD with " hastop -local" command and then start HAD with command "hastart". This issue happen in every node.  But CFS filesystem can mount in every node when start SFCFS only in one node.

Error Message


The below messages is in engine_A.log:

2011/11/23 10:22:46 VCS INFO V-16-1-10298 Resource esb_dg_rs (Owner: unknown, Group: esb_app_rg) is online on bejesbr2 (VCS initiated)
2011/11/23 10:22:46 VCS NOTICE V-16-1-10301 Initiating Online of Resource oradata_fs_rs (Owner: unknown, Group: esb_app_rg) on System bejesbr2

2011/11/23 10:22:48 VCS WARNING V-16-20011-5502 (bejesbr2) CFSMount:oradata_fs_rs:online:Mount Failed on this Node MountOptions -V vxfs -o cluster,                 Block Device /dev/vx/dsk/pre_esb_dg/esb_oradata_vol : MountPoint /oradata
2011/11/23 10:22:48 VCS WARNING V-16-20011-5508 (bejesbr2) CFSMount:oradata_fs_rs:online:Mount Error : UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-20: I/O error
UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-21256: cannot mount /dev/vx/dsk/pre_esb_dg/esb_oradata_vol


The storage is HP XP20K, customer set the host mode option 22 in this SFCFS environment . Check Veritas Storage Foundation Products by Symantec Host and Storage Configuration Guide for DMP, the setting detail meaning is in below :

02 (Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC),
22 (Veritas Cluster Server)

So the correct setting should be 02. Incorrect setting lead vxfence module work unexpectly,  the cluster file system cannot mount as it need verify the vxfence register key.


Change host mode option to 02 in storage array XP20K lun mapping .

Applies To

SFCFS 5.0 MP3RP5, AIX 5.3, storage is HP XP20K. This issue will happen in every platform.

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