EXCH: GRT restore of Public folder fails with error "0xe0000f04 - The media server could not connect to the remote computer." because it tries to connect to any Client Access Server (CAS) in the organization.

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During the restore of individual items from Public Folder the restore fails with error "0xe0000f04 - The media server could not connect to the remote computer."

Error Message

The Job log shows the following error:

Final error: 0xe0000f04 - The media server could not connect to the remote
computer. The remote computer may not be running the Backup Exec
Remote Agent for Windows/Linux. Make sure that the correct version of the
Remote Agent is installed and running on the target computer.
Final error category: Resource Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-3844

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Remote Agent not detected on CAS SERVERNAME

Bengine logs from Media server shows following error during the restore:

[1848] 09/22/11 14:27:57 [loops]              - NDMPAgentConnector::Connect:
ndmpConnectEx() failed on server CAS SERVERNAME, port: 0.
[1848] 09/22/11 14:27:57 [loops]              -
NDMPAgentConnector::HandleConnectionError: ndmpConnect failed: Could not
connect to the Remote Agent on the target machine CAS SERVERNAME. Probably Remote
Agent is not installed on the target system or is not up and running.
[1848] 09/22/11 14:27:57 [loops]              -
IsLocalAgent:beclass::BEConvertServerNamePlus returned error: 87
[1848] 09/22/11 14:27:57 [loops]              -
NDMPRAHostRestoreEngine::ConnectToDataServer() failed. Error = 0xE0000F04.
[1848] 09/22/11 14:27:57 [server]             -
   Failing job because connection to remote server failed.


During the restore of individual items of Public Folder, Backup Exec will try to connect to any Client Access Server (CAS) in a DAG environment. But Remote Agent may not be installed on all the CAS server from DAG environment.


This issue is fixed in BE 2012 where the name of the CAS server which needs to be used can be specified in the Exchange redirect restore option.

There are no plans to address this issue by way of a patch or hotfix in the current or previous versions of the software at the present time. However, the issue is currently scheduled to be addressed in the next major revision of the product. Please be sure to refer back to this document periodically as any changes to the status of the defect will be reflected here.  Please note that Symantec Corporation reserves the right to remove any fix from the targeted release if it does not pass quality assurance tests.  Symantec's plans are subject to change and any action taken by you based on the above information or your reliance upon the above information is made at your own risk.

Please contact your Symantec Sales representative or the Symantec Sales group for upgrade information including upgrade eligibility to the release containing the resolution for this issue.  For information on how to contact Symantec Sales, please see    http://www.symantec.com

Applies To

Backup Exec 2010.

DAG setup and another Standalone Exchange 2010 server (with Mailbox, Hub and  CAS role) where Public Folder is created is in the same Organization.

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